The Old Lore Night Thread (4/13)

My Avocado brethren, sistren, and other siblen, hear my words. This great gathering place of ours has existed since time immemorial, except to those blessèd sages who can remember more than three years ago. It is a long and storied history, filled with joy, tribulations, and more than a fair bit of cannibalism. But the legends of old have been largely forgotten in the rush of our daily lives, and the Old Lore has passed from this realm. As Self-Appointed Acting Loremaster of the Avocado, I will not stand for that.

So on this most sacred and arbitrarily chosen night, I urge us all to reflect on the times that made this site great. Let us turn our minds to memes past, rusting in the scrapyard of our collective unconscious. Let us remember all those times where that one person did that one thing, and we all laughed heartily. The future is a frightening and uncertain shadow on the horizon. Let us take our cues from the movie-going public and find solace and comfort by reliving the past. Let us remember things!

Unless we find something more interesting to talk about. Then let’s talk about that. Happy posting!