LGBT Movies: Doing Time on Maple Drive (1992)

William McNamara is engaged to a woman but hiding a terrible secret! His narcissistic WASP parents ignore the truth till it’s almost too late! I’d first dismissed the TV-movie Doing Time on Maple Drive as overripe camp. Then I read some testimonies from people who said it helped them come out. Re-visiting it in 2020 I see a well-made play with a fine cast, some scenery munching and a too pat ending.

Want to learn more? Then read my spoiler filled recap.

Act One: The Perfect Family

Doing Time. William McNamara. Act One.
Matt (William McNamara) introduces Allison (Lori Loughlin) to his best friend (Philip Linton). Linton sadly passed away before the film aired.

MATT (William McNamara): Meet Allison! We’re getting married!
DAD: I’m glad I still have one child I can be proud of.
SISTER and BROTHER (Jim Carrey): F*** you dad!
BROTHER-IN-LAW: Careful Allison. This family expects Matt to be perfect.
DAD: Do you want this marriage son? You didn’t just knock her up?
MATT: Oh dad, I love her. But you’ll always be the most important person in my life!

Act Two: The Golden Child

Doing Time. Jim Carrey. Act Two.
Jim Carrey gives an understated turn in a film full of scenery munchers.

BROTHER (Jim Carrey):  A toast to my perfect brother! (drinks.) Who I’ll never be as good as! (drinks.) EVERYBODY RIIIISE!
ALLISON (in tears): Matt, I found this letter in your coat pocket.
LETTER: Dear Matt. I’m sad that you’re leaving me after three years together, but I won’t interfere with your marriage. Good luck. Love, Kyle.
ALLISON: I sympathize. But I won’t be your beard.
MATT: What will I tell my parents? They’re the most important people in my life!
(Allison leaves. Matt drives his car into a telephone pole.)

Act Three: Confessions

Doing Time. Fight. Act Three.
Matt (Will McNamara) confronts his parents (James Sikking and Bibi Besch) in the films’ pulpiest scene.

SISTER: I had an abortion.
DAD: We’re dealing with your brother’s thing right now.
(Mom smashes up the room like she’s in Mommie Dearest.)
DAD: Look, I know I’ve been set up as the villain here but I’m a little concerned that our son tried to kill himself. I’m not thrilled about your abnormality but… you’re my son. And I love you.
MATT: I love you too dad. And I’m going back to Kyle.


The Well Made Play

Doing Time. Kyle and Matt.
Kyle (Bennett Cale) visits Matt (William McNamara) in the hospital.

“That drive not to disappoint one’s parents can flat out ruin your life.” ~ screenwriter James Duff.

Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House premiered in 1879. An unhappy woman hides a secret from her husband till she no longer can. When she learns he’s more concerned with his public image than their marriage she walks out the door. Divorce was scandalous in 1879 and the play was a sensation. George Bernard Shaw sniffed that such problem plays would be “flat as ditchwater” once society had evolved past the social issues they confronted. A Doll’s House is still produced and Doing Time on Maple Drive still has power, though it’s easy to laugh at the raw emotions they display.

Are you a fan of anyone in the cast? Have you seen the film? Would you like to?


Doing Time. Poster. Act Four.
Something’s off about this poster.

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And here’s a 1985 feature on Consenting Adult, a similar TV film, where Martin Sheen played the disproving father of a gay son. I’d planned to contrast the two films in this article but Consenting Adult has vanished from the internet. If it comes back into circulation they’ll make an interesting double feature.

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