Weekly LGBT+ Discussion

Greetings, Avocadoans! Welcome to the weekly discussion of LGBTQQIA+ issues!

Rules for this discussion:

All are welcome! However, please be respectful that this discussion is specifically about issues and topics related to lesbian, gay, bi- or pansexual, trans, queer, questioning, demi- or asexual, intersex, non-binary, genderfluid, or any other sexual or gender minority, so please do not stray off-topic.
Please put anything graphic behind a tag.
As always, any shaming or hateful speech will not be tolerated — if you see some, please flag it ASAP.

So this week it will only be two projects I’ll be talking about. First is Celeste a 2018 2d platformer. The project was lead by Matt Thorson, a nonbinary game dev already known for the project Towerfall. The game follows a trans woman named Madeline who travels up Celeste Mountain as she deals with personal issues and meets strange people. The game in its purest form is rather difficult, but it offers a lot of flexibility in how difficult it is, like allowing players to double dash, have infinite stamina, be invincible, etc. Its all backed by an excellent soundtrack by Lena Raine, a trans composer. I never really cared for 2d platformers aside from Rayman Legends but I adored this one.

Next is The Best of Both Worlds, an album created by Honey Dijon. It came out in 2017 with a plenty of featured musicians, notably Cakes da Killa, and its one of the more colorful albums from that year, going from club bangers to rather sensual jams.

Optional Topic: do you have any favorite LGBTQ+ creators working games (any type of games)?