The Avocado’s Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant: Sixth (Final) Round

Sometimes, you want a distraction from…let’s euphemistically say, “outside events.” Sometimes you want a reminder of the communal food experiences, so key to our modern culture, that will temporarily have to be foregone to ensure continued appreciation of said society. So we’ve come at last to the grand stage to determine…what is The Avocado’s Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant?

I’ve intentionally left the guidelines for what qualifies somewhat vague, as the term itself encompasses so many different types of food, arrangements, expectations of service, etc. So here we go; these are what qualify as “Sit-Down” restaurants for the purpose of sanity:

  • You are typically expected to enjoy the food at the establishment instead of taking it elsewhere.
  • It is not a restaurant that would more accurately be labelled as “Fast Food.”

That’s it. No really, that’s it! I know that’s a very broad brush, and I think that makes this more fun, and hopefully leads to a more interesting tournament overall!

This is the Sixth (and Final!) Round, where 2 competitors will go-head-to-head. Expect the results tomorrow morning.