Steven Universe Future Finale

Steven Universe Future: Homeworld Bound / Everything’s Fine / I Am My Monster / The Future

It’s over, isn’t it? This long, strange journey of television known as Steven Universe ends tonight. I’m happy to be sharing it all with you. Demyx was kind enough to let me take the lead in posting the comment thread, and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who’s been doing this with us, whether you’re new or you’ve been here since the Adventure Time comments section back in the Mothership.

It’s a bit nuts how the TV landscape, especially in this all-ages cartoon segment, has changed since Steven Universe bowed in 2013. I remember watching the premiere at NYCC 2013, where Rebecca and Ian were talking about it on stage. No one in the audience knew where it would lead, and I think we’ve all been surprised and delighted. This show was responsible for a big part of that TV sea change, and I’m glad that it’s mostly getting to go out on its own terms.

As this trip comes to a close, I hope we can find new shows that continue the spirit and keep blazing the trail that the Crewniverse started. So grab some Chaaaaps, cook up a Together Breakfast, and let’s watch this end together.