Comic Book Chat – Incredible Hulk Hits 750 Issues

The Savage. The Smart. The Immortal. 

The Incredible! 

The Green Goliath hits his 750th issue this week and he’s here to smash the Comic Book Chat! 

Incredible Hulk #1 was published May 1, 1962, so there will be 58 candles on his cake this year. 

Today’s discussion is gamma sized! 

Topics will include:

  • Favorite persona/version of the Hulk 
  • Favorite supporting cast member 
  • Favorite gamma powered supporting cast member 
  • The Hulk in Pop Culture (T.V., movies, etc.) 
  • Favorite issue or storyline featuring the Hulk 

A future Comic Book Chat will feature the topic – Hulk’s Greatest Hits ( Favorite Battles Featuring the Hulk) – so think about your top 5 bouts and we will discuss in a future tread. 

Thanks for stopping by to chat and be sure to take a look at the other comic book related threads here at the Avocado