The First Weekend of Spring Phone-tography Challenge

It’s the beginning of Spring 2020, and for most of us it is likely to be the weirdest spring of our entire lives. Things are not normal and it’s hard to say when they will be again. I don’t know about you, but this makes me stressed out! It also makes it harder for me to remember what helps me, what I like about life, and ways I can still appreciate things.

To that end, for myself as much as anyone, I present the Spring Phone-tography Challenge! The rules are simple. Just get outside, and then give yourself a little push to go a little farther than you usually go. Only you know what “a little push” means for you. Maybe it means an extra mile. Or maybe it means an extra block. Maybe it means stopping at the park on the way home. Or maybe it means going outside at all. Or maybe it means just opening the window for the first time since spring. Just do something you wouldn’t otherwise do, see something outside that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

And when you see it, take a photo of it and share it here! Some of us have really fancy cameras, but I thought it would be fun to keep the focus (get it focus) on quick snapshots, because the challenge isn’t an artistic one it’s a “doing something different/more” challenge. So stick with your phone cameras, which let’s be honest are already freakin’ amazing in this day and age. And get outside — As long as you PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING — and let’s remind each other what a big, beautiful world we have.

As an example, I took my phone out into the woods and, along with the flower in the featured image, I ran across a deer skull, an old tire swing, and an old AC unit that looked to me like a crashed Borg cube. I was hoping to find more naturey things, but you can’t always control what you find. I still had a good time and I hope you do too! =)