Job Rants Thread – 3/20/2020 – Shutting Down

Hey all; Healthy Friday –

So, after a very frustrating delay, my company finally put measures in place so that myself and my colleagues can finally work from home. Without being able to do the in-person interviews that we normally do, we’ll be more focused on the information and data-entering side of things. All very stimulating, I know; but the real kicker is that, it means we’ll both be doing less work, and more work at the same time!

Eh…Give with one hand, take with the other, I guess.

Is it the same with everyone else currently “fortunate” enough to be working from home? How has your workload changed, if at all? You have all the resources you need? Why don’t we talk about that? Along with, of course, anything else you need to get off your chest. That said, I ca imagine things will be rather virus-focused for a bit.

As ever, have a productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and a great weekend. And remember: the farther apart we get, the closer we need to be.