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The Thursday Politics Thread Suspends Its Season

Morning Politocadoes!


It has been an eventful Infrastructure Week. With a surging Joe Biden likely on the path to the nomination, voters around the country have swallowed their pride and mouthed words they remember from that one superhero movie they saw last summer.


Yes Biden appears certain to be facing off with Trump. Bernie announced on Wednesday he will be staying in the race following the drubbing he got in the primaries known as Mini-Tuesday. Some are suggesting he’s staying in just long enough to debate with Joe this Sunday and corner him into making some concessions with regard to healthcare before dropping out.

And if that’s true, he may well have plenty of reason to do so. The coronavirus has been classified by the WHO as a ‘pandemic’. It has hit America like a slap to the face with multiple states declaring states of emergency as the number of cases rise. As many have been noting, The US appears to be about two weeks behind countries like Italy following similar paths of infection, which means that there’s an excellent chance our healthcare system is going to be pushed to capacity very, very soon. Bernie may well be looking to get Joe on the healthcare reform right while America experiences a pandemic, and while Democratic voters have overwhelmingly supported ideas like Medicare For All. If that’s really what he’s doing, then he’s an incredibly cagey politician.

And to be fair to Biden, he’s certainly been acting like more of a leader in this time of crisis than the actual President, having announced a public health panel to provide science-based recommendations to ensure that he, his campaign staff, and supporters are well-educated on the threat. In addition, both he and Bernie Sanders have cancelled planned rallies in response to the growing epidemic.

Meanwhile! The technically President has shrugged off his own experts when they contradict him and highlight the danger. He called it fake news as he is wont to do. Forced into accepting reality is never pretty for the Crime President and he had to do so on national television. In a sleepy, breathy speech he announced that all travel to Europe will be banned for the next 30 days. Except for the UK, because, presumably, he wants his golf courses in Scotland to not get impacted too badly by such an inconvenience.

And of course, the US continues to deal with some harsh reality as well. With Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert testing positive for Coronavirus, the NBA has decided to suspend its season until further notice. And, in another shock, America’s Mom and Dad, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, informed the public that they were infected as well.


These disruptions to the usual rhythm of time are jarring and will hopefully spur Americans into action, or at the very least taking it seriously.

Be sure to wash you hands thoroughly, clean things that are touched frequently, avoid large, crowded areas if possible, and stay home if your sick.

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