The Wednesday Politics Thread Invites You To Join The Struggle

Hello everyone! I’m happy to be writing my first Wednesday PT (and I’d like to thank Class Versus Sass for her hard work writing the Wednesday headers up to this point, and for giving me the opportunity to do this in her stead).

I decided that I want to do something a little different with my headers, by using them as an opportunity to talk about issues that we might not discuss here much, or at all. Specifically I would like to focus on struggles for social justice that are currently taking place, so that we can all be more informed, and perhaps find a way to contribute ourselves.

Today’s topic is the protests for women’s rights taking place in Mexico this week. Trigger warning / content warning for violence against women.

Over the last few years, women in Mexico have faced rising rates of violence against women, and of femicide (murder of women for being women) specifically. In response, women’s rights organizations in Mexico have organized multiple protests to call for an end to this violence.

This week, coinciding with International Women’s Rights Day, they put into action two striking and very different protests. On Sunday they led a massive march for women’s rights throughout Mexico City, with an estimated 80,000-100,000 people marching. On Monday they enacted the exact opposite – “A day without us”, a national women’s strike in which Mexican women were encouraged to not come to work or school, with an estimated millions of women taking part.

So this Wednesday, I encourage all of us to discuss this issue and share our thoughts, and if you can, share information about these protests where you can to help amplify their message. In addition, I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I’ve not been able to find Mexican women’s rights movements that you can donate to or otherwise support online, so if anyone knows of any I would be most thankful if you could point me in their direction and I will add their information to the header.

Sources (Trigger warning / content warning for violence against women):

Mexico City march – 1; 2

‘A Day Without Us’ women’s strike – 1; 2

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