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Weekly Fitness Thread Has Confidence Issues

An important part of fitness for a lot of people is the ability to shape your body through work. Not everyone produces the results that they want, but it’s a journey that many take. Sometimes your body doesn’t add or lose fat or muscle in the way you’d like. Sometimes you don’t meet certain goals. I’d like to take this week’s thread as an opportunity for people to build themselves up.

What do you appreciate about your body? Do you have any particular goals you’ve accomplished that seemed impossible when you started? Have you curbed unhealthy habits despite how difficult it can be? Take a moment and find something positive to say about what you’ve done for yourself.

Building your running posture is an accomplishment

As well as the weekly topic, feel free to discuss your progress, missteps, and goals. Remember that this thread is about encouraging each other to do better. Be safe, be smart, be kind; to others and to yourselves.