Your 100 Favorite Songs

All right, here goes. List your 100 Favorite Songs. I know, it’s really freaking difficult to narrow it down to just 100. Still, I’m satisfied with my list, and it’s nice to have them all in one place.

I’m not setting any rules about your list. You can rank them or not, you can have one song per artist or 100 songs for one artist, whatever you do to come up with your list of 100 songs is cool.

There is one rule, though: No bashing anybody else’s list. I was chatting the other day with a couple of people who were worried that their lists would be a little too mainstream, and they worried they might get criticized for it. Well, when I’ve posted lists of songs from my collection, whether for Songs By The Letter, the Weekly Shuffle Thread, or some other music discussion, I’ve sometimes worried about that myself. (Keep in mind that I’m also a regular in the Mental Health Thread, so there are a lot of things I worry about needlessly.)  Now, I can’t think of any instance where someone bashed the songs I posted, so maybe I don’t need to say anything. Still, I’d like to see as many people as possible participate in this, and if saying “No bashing” makes just one person comfortable enough to post their list, I’ll be happy.

Also, shout out to Lyssie for giving me the encouragement to create this thread.