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The Thursday Politics Thread Always Wanted To Be A Lumberjack

Morning Politocadoes!

The Crime President continues to not take the threat of the Coronavirus seriously. Fearful that it makes him look bad. The Vice President may or may not have been infected. California had it’s first reported death. The first case in New Jersey was found in a man in  his mid-30s who has now been hospitalized.  Meanwhile, as the Presidential Primaries continue we have seen the candidates pare down considerably in the space of a week.  The rise in the number of delegates has led what most consider to be a two-man race at this point. But the question of eLeCtAbIliTy remains on the tip of the tongue of every cable news pundit—-

and sod it.

Rambling on all day about criminal presidents, global epidemics, and internecine Democratic party politics. I never wanted to be a discussion thread anyway.

I always wanted to be….a lumberjack!

giphy (8)

Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia! The Giant Redwood! The Larch! The Fir! The mighty Scots Pine! The smell of timber! The crash of mighty trees! With my best buddy by my side! We’d sing sing sing!


So yes, well. Be sure to wash you hands thoroughly, clean things that are touched frequently, avoid large, crowded areas if possible, and stay home if your sick. Hopefully we can get through this together.

Welcome to Thursday! PLEASE BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. The Mayor McSquirrel Rule is in effect because we’re better than him. If you notice a news item being posted too often, alert a mod so it can be pinned to the top of the thread.