The Monday Poleteks Thread is Still Waiting for Super Tuesday

Ofelia Alonso, 24, thinks there’s a big misconception that most Latinos are “part of an older generation who doesn’t care about politics.”
That’s why she’s wasn’t surprised that 75 percent of young Latinos in Texas had not heard from any presidential campaign in the last six months, according to a poll from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), which studies young Americans’ political engagement.

“Organizers are the ones engaging with young Latino voters here, not the parties, not candidates,” said Alonso, a field coordinator for the grassroots organization Texas Rising in the Rio Grande Valley.
“I often ask myself why people insist on saying that we’re not involved, and it’s because we’re not included in these conversations,” she said. “Candidates are not coming to engage with us.”

I think everyone knows my feeling about this issue by now.  While I’ll still be voting Democrat because keeping You-Know-Who in office would be the blurst, it doesn’t mean I’m not sick of the party acting like I’m otherwise not important enough to talk to.

Also, Pete Buttigieg has dropped out of the race.

Also, some hoopy frood named Tom Steyer waved from the back as he wandered off, presumably back to his home planet.