The Monday Politics Thread is Still Waiting for Super Tuesday

Nev. Union Support for Sanders Shows Limits of Labor Warning

Members of Nevada’s most politically powerful labor group were warned by union leaders that Bernie Sanders’ plan would doom their prized health care, but they voted for him anyway.

Funny how that worked out. Wonder what will happen Super Tuesday. Will Biden turn it around? Will Warren surge? Will we finally be done with Bloomberg trying to keep himself in the race?

EDIT: The title of the thread was changed because my attempt to make a Ghostbusters joke was not well received. I’m very much pro-union, even though I still think you can be critical of them, especially when they’re pushing members to do what they want. Which is what the article was pointing out.

Culinary, like its parent union Unite Here, officially decided not to endorse, joining a number of national unions making a similar calculation to stay on the sidelines of a still-crowded primary and avoid causing dissension among their ranks.

The 60,000-member Culinary Union didn’t stay totally neutral, however, sending out leaflets to members in recent weeks that said candidates pushing for a government-run insurance system under “Medicare for All” would force “millions of hard-working people to give up their healthcare” and create “unnecessary division between workers, and will give us four more years of Trump.” One leaflet specifically said Sanders’ would “end Culinary healthcare.”

So, there was the reason for my comment. I apologize again for not making it more clear it was not meant to be a specific slam on unions in general.