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The Thursday Politics Thread: Fury Road

Morning Politocadoes!

Our world is fire.

The President is busily doing as much criming as he can because that now he has been acquitted, he believes he is untouchable. Apart from pardoning and commuting the sentences other fellow mobster politicians like Rod Blagojevich, he has appointed a lacky with no experience in intelligence as the acting director of national intelligence. Once again, a post that requires confirmation from the Senate that he is worked around by declaring them only temporary. He has also declared war on sanctuary cities, asking the Supreme Court to strike down California’s sanctuary city laws and suspended global entry for New Yorkers after New York passed a law allowing undocumented residents to get Driver’s Licenses.

Meanwhile Julian Assange has claimed through his lawyer that former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, specking for Trump in 2017, offered him a pardon if he said that the DNC leaks had nothing to do with Russia.

Impeach him again.

Anyways, another Democratic Primary debate was held in Nevada on Wednesday night. Sanders was considered the frontrunner, Buttigieg nipping at his heels, Klobuchar using her third place win in New Hampshire to revive her flagging campaign. Going in, Mike Bloomberg had gotten a lot of momentum by being rich and executing a couple of really solid burns on Trump over on the twitter dot com.

And somehow, mysteriously, the media had completely ignored one campaign that was still going. They pretended she wasn’t relevant. In a mock-up of polls of how candidates would stack up against Trump, she wasn’t even mentioned despite those with similar or lower polling being put up. Where was Elizabeth Warren?


She was not happy at all that the media was ignoring her. Being painted out of the picture because Mike Bloomberg, a BILLIONAIRE, could waltz in and just try and take the nomination? Oh you better believe she had a plan for the debate.

From the very beginning, she set her sights on Bloomberg. For you see, Warren attacking a billionaire is extremely her shit. Moreso than any other candidate on that stage. Moreso than the avowed socialist I daresay. And she made damn sure that her other rivals took a jab to the ribs as well. Warren was on fire not just to prove that her campaign still exists but to remind people why she’s here in the first place. She dismantled Bloomberg not just for being ultra wealthy, but she dismantled him for his rampant sexism, his homophobia, his racist and discriminatory policing and real estate policies. She was not having any of this. If I were to ask her what her thoughts were going in, I think she’d say she was simply outraged he was even here and that the Democratic party was even thinking of nominating him.

Elizabeth Warren is the beating heart of the Democratic Party and I think it’s time people in the media acknowledge that.

Not that all of the kind, positive energy Warren’s campaign has been radiating with was completely gone, though. She helped Amy Klobuchar out of a bit of a sticky situation that usually turns into a campaign gaffe because she couldn’t remember the name of the current President of Mexico. She would also during the night accuse Klobuchar of making GOP talking points on healthcare.

Hey. just because you’re nice doesn’t mean you can’t criticize.

Warren being on attack similarly energized her rivals, with everyone cutting down Mike Bloomberg. And Bloomberg really was not holding his own. Even Biden got in on the action. I don’t believe this will stop his campaign but any sort of momentum is pretty well halted. So yes, unfortunately we’re gonna still be seeing his fucking ads everywhere until the heat death of the universe.

What I think Warren’s performance demonstrates is how well she would hold her own in a debate with Trump, and how very much Bloomberg could not. Passion, empathy, and a righteous determination these are what I want from my candidate in this election. I want someone who will not only fix what has been broken but find ways to make it better. And I still think Elizabeth Warren is exactly that. So here’s to seeing where her campaign goes.

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