Marbula One: 2020 Savage Speedway GP1 Race

After yesterday’s qualifying round, we’re playing for keeps. This is the first Marbula One race that will count towards the overall standings. The pressure is on for our round rollers.

Before we even start, we’re treated to a domino show. Some may see this is an outgrowth of the crass commercialization of marble racing, but I see it as a special treat: marbles and dominoes are natural allies.

And then it’s time for the race. 10 laps, 13 turns each, no mercy. Right from the get-go, there’s a great deal of jostling, and the O’rangers lose their hard-won pole position. Then, it looks like the Savage Speeders might make a move, hurtling all the way into a podium position, but they later lose steam and drop out of serious contention. Most of the race is a battle between Team Galactic, the Hazers, the Snowballs, and Team Primary, who repeatedly trade the lead between each other. In the end, they finish in that order, with the Savage Speeders mounting a last-minute push to nab the fifth-place spot.

Stray thoughts:

  • I’m really liking all the new graphics. The intro is stellar, and the track diagram that displayed before the race was very helpful.
  • The Green Ducks looked like they were heading for podium performance, but they really dropped off after a few errors and barely finished in the top half.
  • As expected, the Limers finished dead last.
  • Nice recovery from the Savage Speeders for a fifth place finish. Not only that, they made good on their name and got the fastest lap. They ought to feel happy about that after yesterday’s disappointment.

We’re off to a great start with Marbula One. Next week, the O’rangers are hosting on their home turf: the O’raceway.

Complete stats for Marbula One can be found at the Marble League Wiki.