Marbula One: 2020 Savage Speedway Grand Prix Qualifying

JMR has been hyping Marbula One for weeks, and it’s finally here. In today’s qualifying round, the marbles race individually and staggered to determine the starting order for tomorrow’s big race.

The bounds of performance are set in the first round, with hosts the Savage Speeders posting an awful 31.20 time, and perennial high-performers the O’rangers clocking in at 28.11 seconds. After that, the rest of the teams fill in the gaps. Team Galactic posts an impressive 28.37, while perennial fuck-ups the Limers only manage a 30.41.

Can one of the underdogs grab victory from the behind the O’rangers? We’ll find out in tomorrow’s Grand Prix.

Complete stats for Marbula One can be found at the Marble League Wiki.