Jaye Tyler’s Radio Show – Request Thread: 2/4/2020

Hey y’all. As you may or may not have known, I have a radio show on CHIRP Radio, a little indie station out of Chicago. We’ve been digital-only for nearly 10 years at chirpradio.org (and on our mobile app, which you can find at chirpradio.org/mobile), BUT WE’RE FINALLY ON THE FM DIAL Y’ALL!!! If you’re in the general vicinity of the north side of Chicago (we’ve had people say they can hear us as far north as Northbrook and as far west as Norridge), tune in to 107.1FM to hear the new WCXP! Here’s where you’ll be able to hear us:

Link to interactive map: https://radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/patg?id=WCXP-FL

My regular show is 8-10pm on Tuedays. I can play basically whatever I want, as long as it’s FCC friendly or cleaned. My shows are now auto-archived, so even if you don’t tune in while the show is live, you can catch it later via my show’s Radio Free America or Facebook page. So, I guess what I’m saying is…

…any requests? If you post your name I’ll even give you an on-air shoutout. Do me a favor (particularly if it’s something obscure) – include the genre or a short description with your request.

ALSO also — new station policy is that songs have to be in either the station’s library or our personal library. So no YouTube links or Spotify, sorry. If you want to share a file with me, feel free to use FileDropper or a similar service and post the link here. ALL FILES must be MP3 + 320kbps sampling rate or greater (check the file’s properties).