Comic Book Review – Justice League/Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1 of 6 (March 2017)

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Stephen Byrne

The town of Angel Grove has been decimated and its population of 376,000 people are missing. Zack blames himself and Superman tries to console him.

Thirty-six hours earlier, the Power Rangers meet with Zordon. Alpha Five has gone missing and the teens go searching for him. Zack finds him in a cave outside of the complex and brings him back inside. Zack notices that Alpha Five’s shell has been melted and his wiring sticking out. Just as Zack finishes his assessment on his robot friend, Alpha Five explodes! Lord Zedd and his Puddies have used the robot to infiltrate the Power Rangers’ lair. Zack morphs into the Black Ranger to stop the threat. Hurt and in a last-ditch effort to protect Zordon, Zack teleports Zedd away, even though Zordon tells him not to do it.

Soon after, Zack finds himself face to face with Batman! Zack thinks that this caped man is one of Zedd’s monsters. As the two begin to fight each other, the rest of the Power Rangers make their presence known. They inform Zack that the teleporter malfunctioned and sent him to a different world. They used the teleporter to follow and rescue him. Batman calls for reinforcements and The Flash appears and takes all of the Rangers’ weapons away. Kimberly calls forth the Pterodactyl Megazord for backup. The Flash contacts Cyborg, who is at the Justice League Satellite. Barry tells Victor that Batman and the Batmobile have been taken away by a flying pink dinosaur robot!

Tom Taylor is one of the premier writers of out of continuity stories like Injustice and is the perfect choice for this crossover. I was kind of disappointed to see Lord Zedd as the main bad guy facing off against the Power Rangers instead of Rita Repulsa. At the end of the issue, the whereabouts of Lord Zedd are unknown but I have a gut feeling that the teleporter sent him to the planet Apokolips where he will come face to face with Darkseid. If this is what happens, then I can see why Taylor picked Zedd over Rita. The final panel of Barry revealing to Victor what happened to Batman is so funny. How can Batman ever live down the fact he was beaten by the Pink Power Ranger? The setup of the final fate of the town of Angel Grove in the first few panels of this issue has me intrigued enough to continue with the rest of this six-issue miniseries.