2019 Snubby Awards: The Voting

Sorry for the long break between the nominations and the voting; we’re hosting a foreign exchange student, so I haven’t had a free evening to set this up. But now we’re back to vote on our Snubby winners!

Below will be the nominees in each category. Please do not add more films; the time for that has passed. Upvote as many nominees as you feel are deserving; the winners in each category will be announced in this space next week (and that’s a much quicker process, so I should be able to bang that out in a few minutes even if I have another busy week)

A few categories will have fewer than 5 nominees, as not enough films met our very low 3-upvote threshhold. One or two have six because of a tie for 5th place. The three Short Film categories (Film, Animated, Documentary) have been dropped because none of those categories had more than one film with enough updates to qualify.

One more note about cross-voting with the Dissolve Facebook group — it was interesting to see the differences in voting (they were more into The Farewell but basically unaware of Midsommar), but I didn’t come across any instances of the combined votes affecting the nominees, as the two sites were largely in agreement. Their upvotes will be added to yours for this round as well, so vote away!

Lastly, remember this is only an exhibition, this is not a competition, so please, I implore you, no wagering.