The Extended Fast Saga Cinematic Universe

So F9: The Fast Saga is coming up, and I’m sure this means some people are going to want to catch up on the full Fast Saga before watching it. But the fast and the furious cinematic universe can be deceptively confusing. Luckily I’ve put together a full timeline of everything you need to watch to be up to date for F9.


fast and the furious

———————————————–THE PRIME UNIVERSE————————————————-

The Prime universe contains all the expected Fast and the Furious films in as well as a couple of additions.

So first we start at the only logical point to start a Fast and the Furious franchise re-watch at.

Point Break

The original fbi agent goes undercover with a bunch of extreme sports robbers and befriends their leader and betrays his cause letting their charismatic leader get away (or die surfing) in the end movie.

Next we introduce Nicolas Cages entry into the fast saga

Gone in 60 Seconds

It’s the first time we really get to that good signature dumb car bullshit in the fast saga that Point Break was really missing

Then we get the first named movie

Fast and the Furious

Introducing all the important characters like Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

Now if we continue to follow the Prime Universe. We have the simultaneous

Torque & Fast and the Furious Turbo Charged

While Torque is showing us the potential for goofy cartoon bullshit that the series will become known for (But with motorbiles, and Adam Scotts amazing hair) Fast and the Furious Turbo Charged continues the story of Paul Walker without Vin Diesal

2 Fast 2 Furious

We get introduced to Tyrese Gibson, the worst part of the franchise

Then we have Better Luck Tomorow and Los Banderlos

Better Luck Tomorow is Justin Lins first film and introduces us to the fan faviourte Han, while Los Banderlos is a short film I’ve seen and don’t actually remember so fuck it I guess. It was made as a promo prequel for Fast 4.

Again a split can occur here based on weather Han decides to join the fast crew or not, but continuing on in the prime Universe.

We follow this up introducing us to Jason Strathams character Jason Stratham in

The Transporter and Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious shapes where the prime universe will really go from here while the Transporter begins to introduce us to the importance of Jason Stratham and his driving.

The Prime universe continues as you’d expect from here with

The Transporter 2 and Fast Five

followed by

The Transporter 3 and Fast 6

Then Following this the group splits up a bit for

Brick Mansions, Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Point Break (Remake)

Paul Walker goes off to do parkour, Han goes off to chill in Tokyo and the Point BReak remake happens here cause I felt obligated to include it  Of course Han gets killed in Tokyo Drift which brings everyone back together for

Fast and the Furious 7

Everything continues from here with

Fate of the Furious

Hobbes and Shaw and Fast and Furious Spy Racers

Leading up to where we are now

F9: The fast saga


————————————————————The Xtreme Universe——————————————

Of course you can see the splits there. So after The Fast and the Furious Vin DIesal has clearly made a name for himself, and there is an alternate universe where Sam Jackson notices that and recruits him for the xXx Program. In this universe the already shake rules of physics become even shakier.

So we start with


Vin Diesal becomes a secret agent and beats the bad guys with sick motorbike tricks. It rules

Then we follow this up with

xXx: State of the Union and District B13

After the graphic death of Vin Diesal, Sam Jackson recruits the leader of the motorbike gang from Torque, Ice Cube into this more insane universe. While this happens, the events of Brick Mansion happen but without Paul Walker and in French in District B13

Crank and Red

Then we stop in to see whats become of Jason Stratham and his mum Hellen Mirim in this more insane universe and of course follow it up with

Crank High Voltage and Red 2


Hardcore Henry

Just cause there’s no way this doesn’t take place in the fucking same world as Crank

and finally

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

When Vin diesals character is for some reason refered to as Xander Cage, it also lets us know what happend to the character of Tony Jaa from Fast 7 in this film (Or fast 6? Who the fuck knows)

——————————————————–Serious Universe—————————————————–

If Han decides to join the fast and the furious crew and break the laws of physics we get the Prime Universe, but if he decides to not, we get this more serious and less interesting universe primarily consisting of


I… barely remember this movie but it stars the rock and is called Faster, it legally has to be part of the Fast and the Furious cinematic universe.


These are movies I haven’t seen but I feel probbably belong to the fast and the furious cinematic universe.

I suspect Drive Angry is where Nicolas Cages character from Gone in 60 Seconds ends up in the Xtreme Universe, while Baby Driver takes place in the Prime Universe and Drive in the Serious universe


So there you have it. Simple really, 32 movies, 2 short films, 1 Tv series, 3 Alternate universes. 1 Short film that I didn’t include cause any time I searched for xXx short film I got porn.

And that’s how Fast and the Furious works.