Werewolf 115 – Werewolf Emblem Awakening – Day Two

The night after capture and execution of Plegian spy Troy McClure, a pitched battle occurred in the royal palace as there was an attempt on the exalt’s life. The attempt failed, thanks to the Shepherds springing into action quickly

After the battle, Cordelia made the rounds around the palace riding her Pegasus. Wary due to the deaths of Tiff and May, she was on the lookout for archers. What she failed to anticipate, was a bolt of dark magic from the shadows striking her and her Pegasus from behind.

Cordelia: “This… this can only mean that Chrom is still in danger. I must go to him… I must protect…”

Flavorless Jam (Cordelia) has died. They were a Shepherd (Vanilla Town)

Meanwhile, Wii Fit Trainer was stretching in the castle foyer as she prepared for her post battle meditation. As she began her deep breathing exercises, she didn’t notice the dagger coming at her until it was too late.

Wii Fit Trainer: “I die… saluting the sun.”

Owen (Wii Fit Trainer) has died. They were a Shepherd (Vanilla Town)

The bodies were discovered the next morning.

Anna the Merchant: I suppose it was too much to presume that there was only one spy skulking among us. After this is over the exalt is going to have to pay me double for my work here.

Soldiers of Ylisse (Town Roles):
9 Shepherds (Vanilla Town)
1 Stalwart Armored Knight (Town Jailkeeper)
1 Inquisitive Mage (Town Cop)
1 Sprightly Cleric (Town Doctor)
1 Red Cavalier/1 Green Cavalier (Town Masons, shared QT)
1 Time Traveling Lord (3 shot vigilante)
Plegian Spies (Wolf Roles):
1 Plegian King (Wolf that reads Town)
1 Plegian General (Wolf Roleblocker)
1 Plegian Spy (Vanilla Wolves)
???? (Unaligned):
1 ????
Mystery Roles
-There will be three mystery roles.
-One mystery role is specifically listed as unaligned. The other two are hidden amongst the town and/or wolf roles. They can still however, have different win conditions than that of the faction they appear to be aligned to.

During the day, players will attempt to determine the scum among them. The player with the most votes when twilight is called will be killed, and their role revealed. If a majority of players vote for a single player, then the day will automatically end upon the majority vote being cast. In the case of a tie, the almighty random number god will determine who dies between the players with the most votes. During the night, the Wolf Roleblocker will act, then the Town Jailkeeper, followed by the kills (all happen concurrently) followed by the remaining night role actions. At the start of the next day, player deaths will be announced, and the dead will have their roles revealed. Roleplaying is encouraged, but not required. You will be required to make some game relevant posts per day, inactive players will be replaced, or if the mod is unable to find a replacement, killed by the mod scoring an unlucky critical hit.


1. Jam
2. Raven and Rose
3. dw
4. Cop on the Edge-ish
5. Grumproro
6. Ralph
7. Lutair
8. Lamb Dance
9. Lindsay
10. Sic
11. Spooky
12. Otakunomike
13. Owen
14. Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather
15. Lovely Bones
16. Sagittariuskim
17. The Wasp
18. Goat
19. Spiny Creature
20. Buttersnap
21. MSD
22. Hoho
1. Emmelemm
2. Demyx
3. Snugs
4. Louie


No editing or deleting posts for any reason.

No quoting directly from a QT
You have until Sunday, 2:00 pm Central to vote. Twilight will be called then, even if the mod isn’t around to do it directly.