Comic Book Review – Cable #34 (August 1996)

Name a superhero the Hulk has tussled with since his birth in the desert of the American Southwest…I’ll wait.

I’ve previously reviewed the Amazing Spider-Man fighting the Jade Giant. Today we look at an unlikely hero taking on the Incredible Hulk – the mutant mercenary known as Cable.

Cable #34

Written by Jeph Loeb

Drawn by Ian Churchill

Cable has barely survived his encounter with Post in the previous issue. In Cable’s weakened state, he is unable to use his telekinetic powers to keep his techno-organic virus from consuming his entire body, killing him. Before he can catch his breath, a new adversary being controlled by Onslaught has come to finish the job Post started – The Incredible Hulk!

It’s a battle of brains versus brawn. When the Hulk attacks Cable, Cable uses his telepathic abilities to try to revert the monster back into Banner. However, instead of successfully triggering this transformation, Cable unleashes the Gray Hulk! Joe Fixit picks up a bus and smashes Cable with it.

As Cable lies helpless, the Hulk decides to finish Cable off. However, the air around the Hulk grows colder, as Storm intervenes to save Cable. Storm unleashes hurricane forces winds to knock the Hulk off his feet. The winds have also helped remove the wreckage off Cable. Storm gives Cable CPR, but it doesn’t help revive him. Storm channels electricity through her hands and shocks Cable back to life.

The two mutants decide to work in tandem to stop the Hulk. As Storm shoots lightning at Hulk’s head to distract him, Cable uses his telepathic abilities to try to trigger the transformation from Hulk to Banner once more. Again, this course of action fails. The Hulk has gone from his Joe Fixit persona to his Savage form! With nothing holding the Hulk back anymore, can Storm and Cable survive this fight?

During high school, the Coming of Onslaught event was in high gear in the Marvel Universe. There were so many tie-ins that I tried to buy them all but never got the chance to read them. I bought this issue from the dollar bin based on the cover art. A helpless Cable about to be smashed by the Hulk!

During the course of the fight, Cable knows that his big guns won’t do anything to stop Hulk and tries to use his mutant powers. With Cable’s attention split between stopping his foe and trying to keep his techno-organic virus in check, Cable does his best to balance what must be done, not knowing that his course of action will fail not once, but twice.

I always enjoy seeing the Hulk fight heroes and my goal one day is to read and review all of these slugfests at some point. Part 2 is featured in Incredible Hulk #444, which I will have to track down.

A solid outing by Loeb and Churchill smack dab in the middle of a crossover event. It’s refreshing to see this match up take place because it’s one you wouldn’t normally see happening. It’s just sad that with Hulk’s great strength, he is easily controlled by others. A tool to be used by others to get what they want. However, villains always need to go big or go home to get what they want. However, these villains better hope the Hulk never finds out what they’ve done, or they will be smashed!