Comic Book Review- Web of Spider-Man #69 (October 1990)

Web of Spider-Man # 69

Writer – Gerry Conway

Artist – Alex Saviuk

“A Subtle Shade of Green”

One morning at Jameson Publications, Peter and company are watching a news report about a wild beast roaming the Connecticut countryside. JJJ sends Peter and Betty Brant to investigate and cover the story. Meanwhile, at the Cyber-Biokinetic Institute of Greater New York, an unnamed scientist is watching the same news report. He decides to head to Connecticut to find this beast and test his biokinetic energy absorber on it.

The beast is revealed to be the Incredible Hulk and Betty Banner, who find refuge at a nearby ice house. Hulk transforms back into Bruce Banner and both hide to rest and catch their breath.

As Betty Brant and Peter arrive in the hamlet of the news report, they run into a police barricade. Before they can turn around, Peter’s Spider-Sense goes off and he notices a Jeep going into the woods. Pete leaves Betty to speak to the police but instead puts his costume on and swings into the woods to follow the Jeep.

The inventor uses an energy tracking device and it leads him to the ice house. He sees a sleeping Bruce and Betty Banner. As the inventor touches the device to Bruce’s head, Bruce wakes from his slumber, agitated, and transforms back into the Hulk. As the Hulk goes to attack the inventor, Spider-Man appears on the scene and a fight ensues between Hulk and Spidey. As the Hulk throws ice blocks at Spider-Man, the webbed hero dodges them. The ice strikes the ceiling and the inventor and Betty fall to the floor below. As Spidey urges Betty to leave, he notices she has the device in her hand. Spidey is inadvertently touched by the device and it sends a shock to his system. Momentarily dazed, the Hulk punches Spidey through the wall of the ice house and the webbed hero lands in a nearby lake.

The Hulk follows Spidey and the two fight in the lake. As the Hulk pummels Spider-Man repeatedly, both begin to fight reach other underwater. Betty runs to the bank of the lake, hoping and praying that the Hulk hasn’t killed Spider-Man. After a tense few moments, the Hulk emerges from the water triumphant. The Hulk wishes to leave, and he picks up Betty and the two gamma leap to parts unknown.

Shortly after, Spider-Man emerges from the lake, furiously trying to catch his breath. His leg was pinned underneath a log and after nearly two minutes underwater, he was able to free himself. Although he may have emerged the fight a loser, Spidey managed to get pictures of the fight with his secret camera for JJJ and to prove to the world he fought the Hulk and survived.

The Hulk has battled many Marvel Superheroes over the years. The Gamma Gladiator’s battles with Ben Grimm aka the Thing are legendary. The Hulk vs Spider-Man rivalry would have to be a close second. Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk would meet again under very different circumstances in 1990 with a different outcome (which I hope to bring to you in a future review). The biggest question that remains to be answered is what effect Spider-Man’s encounter with the biokinetic energy absorber will have on him. We will find out next issue!