The Night Thread is Fighting Crime in a Future Time (1/13)

In the far off future of the year 2020, a gangster named Big Boss and his syndicate of thugs, mad scientists, and cat burglars have taken control of Empire City.

But not drug dealers!  Big Boss makes a point of it that he does not do that in a “very special” anti-drug episode where they broker a rare team-up with the good guys to stomp out drug dealers. Don’t do drugs, kids.

Big Boss’ cohorts include Ms. Demeanor, a strong woman; Doctor Badvibes, a mad scientist with a visible brain; Turbo Tu-Tone, a getaway driver; Nightshade, a thief with an impressive power mullet; Berzerko, a guy who is not known for being calm and reserved; and Buttons McBoomboom, who had two giant guns installed in his stomach cavity. This detail has always haunted me regarding the logistics of how such a thing would even work. Are his legs designed to handle the recoil or what?  Is this why Buttons McBoomboom doesn’t get mentioned in the roll call at the end of the show?  Because he doesn’t make any sense?

In the year 2020, retro-30’s vintage wear makes a comeback. Also, we will be wearing howitzers on our belts, as it is the style at the time.

A cybernetically enhanced supercop by the name of Baldwin “Bulletproof” Vess assembles a task force of elite officers. They are known as the Central Organization of Police Specialists, a.k.a. C.O.P.S. Or… CyberCOPS, after a certain Fox reality TV show debuted the year after C.O.P.S. premiered. As Vess says in the show’s intro sequence, they are fighting crime… in a future time! Though for Vess, 2020 would be the present. I have no idea what he’s trying to pull here.

Was C.O.P.S. vision of 2020 really that far off, though? It looks like these guys were operating out of Dubai.

Together, they use their high tech weaponry and sense of justice to foil Big Boss’ crimes at every turn!

Roll call: Highway! Mainframe! Longarm!  Bowser and Blitz!  Sundown!  Hardtop!  Mirage! Bullseye!  Mace! Barricade!

And they call me… Bulletproof!

It’s Crime Fighting Time!