WW113 Louperté, Égalité, Fraternité: Day 3 (The Great Fear)

“Unless you do everything for liberty, you have done nothing. There are no two ways of being free: one must be entirely free, or become a slave once more.”

-Robespierre, Virtue and Terror

Summer, 1789:  With the Revolution underway in Paris, tumult comes to the countryside.  The peasantry, exhausted of labor for their feudal lords, throw off their bonds, and rise up against the Second Estate.  Feudal manors are put to the torch, and tax records destroyed. Many of the nobility flee in terror for their lives. The peasants for their part are concerned that the nobles are going to go through with a plot to burn the crops and incite famine among the poor.

So it is, during some of the most important farming months of the year, the countryside is paralyzed by a Great Fear.  Lines are drawn: Either you support the Revolution, or you are an enemy of the People. Remember that looting mobs may become lynch mobs at the drop of a hat.


Back in the capital, Jacques de la Varenne hummed a soft tune to himself as he basked in the revolutionary air that was Paris.  He couldn’t get fresh ingredients to save his life, but the élan of the times was the greatest sauce their was.  He stopped by a railing along the Seine and gazed into the waters.  Soon, he sensed a presence by his side.  “I have come to help you Jacques.  Grave danger is all around you, and I must take you away from France.  You shall live, but spend the rest of your life cooking British cuisine.  I am sorry.”

The Scarlet Pimpernel then led Jacques to his… salvation???

Sic Humor (Jacques de la Varenne) has been removed from the game.  He was the Bishop of Ligne (Town Doctor).

Not ten minutes afterwards, a lumbering creature, clutching a scrawl of papers, happens by the scene.  Though a fearsome, fur-covered beast who had only felt affection for data-entry before, his heart was touched by the crimson flower left sitting by the side of the river.  As a tear rolled down his cheek, Muzzy felt cold steel pressed against him.

“The forces of chaos will never triumph.  Die, monster.”

Nate the Lesser (Muzzy) has died.  He was a citoyen (Vanilla Town).

After taking care of her business in Paris, Julie d’Aubigny embarked on a tour of the countryside, starting with the Vendée.  She was travelling by carriage along the Bay of Biscay when her entourage was halted.  Disembarking, she confronted the ruffians assembled before her, and demanded to know their business.

We ‘ave heard word, Mademoiselle, that you do not wear ze symbol of ze Revolution!  Shall you wear this, and stand with la Patrie?  Or prove yourself an enemy of freedom and ze Enlightenment?”

d’Aubigny reached, with a tentative hand, for the cockade offered her.  After all, she had killed for her cause.  At the very least, she could wear a false color for it.  But as her arm reached out, a gunshot’s report crashed all around.  Everyone looked around them, dazed.  A moment later, a crimson flower bloomed on Mme d’Aubigny’s breast, and she collapsed to the ground.  When they searched her, the peasants found a locket bearing the face of the king, and a list of Jacobins, with several names crossed off.

The Wasp (Julie d’Aubigny) has died.  She was Charlotte Corday (Wolf Daykiller).

Important note:  Anyone who does not modify their avatar to include a revolutionary cockade by 3 PM, EST on Wednesday, shall be subject to possible mod-kill. Vive la révolution!

Twilight shall be on Thursday, 9 January, at 4PM EST . With 12 players left, 7 votes for a single player (or “no kill”) will trigger Early Twilight)


Bonjour!  You are a humble, loyal citoyen of France. (Vanilla Town)   You may have been a member of any of the estates before the Revolution, but now you support the Jacobins, either through affection or fear.  Your sole power lies in the franchise; your vote!

You win the game when the Wolves and Serial Killer are all dead.


  1. Owen (Marie Tussaud)
  2. Spookyfriend (Monsieur Falcon)
  3. Tiff Aching’s Golden Hare (Le Lapin d’or de Tiff Aching)
  4. Goat (Phillipe de Chèvre)
  5. Emmelemm (Milla Jovovich)
  6. Robert Post’s Child (The Time Bandits)
  7. Snugglewumps (Remy)
  8. MSD (Count da Money)
  9. Mayelbridwen (Miss Clavel)
  10. Miss Rim (Marie Calvet)
  11. Gramps (Racist caricature)
  12. Mars 5 (Useless Fop)


  1. Hohopossum (Jean-Luc Picard) (Vanilla Town)
  2. MacCrocodile (Croc Monsieur) (Vanilla Town)
  3. Raven and Rose (Pepe le Pew) (Vanilla Town)
  4. Sister Jude (George Sand) (Vanilla Town)
  5. Captain Video (Benjamin Franklin) (Town Jailer)
  6. The Wasp (Julie d’Aubigny) (Wolf Daykiller)
  7. Sic Humor (Jacques de la Varenne) (Town Doctor)
  8. The Hayes Code (Barbarella) (Wolf Spy)
  9. Nate the Lesser (Muzzy) (Vanilla Town)


16 9 Town

  • 11 6 Vanilla Town (Citizens)
  • 1 Town Jailer (Georges Danton)
  • 1 Town Doctor (The Bishop of Digne)
  • 1 Town Investigator (Maximillien Robespierre)
  • 1 Town Vigilante (Jean-Paul Marat)
  • 1 Town Martyr (Sydney Carton)

4 2 Wolves (Counterrevolutionaries)

  • 1 Wolf Recruiter (Marquis de Lafayette)
  • 1 Wolf Roleblocker (Olympe de Gouges)
  • 1 Wolf Spy (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  • 1 Wolf Daykiller (Charlotte Corday)

1 Serial Killer (The Scarlet Pimpernel)

The Martyr may, up to twice per game, ask the mod, within 15 minutes past Twilight, about the role of the daykilled person.  They then may, if they choose, die in that person’s place.  The spared player’s role shall not be revealed on the OT.

The Recruiter‘s ability has a chance of failure, dependent on how many wolves and certain other roles are alive at the beginning of any night phase.  On an unsuccessful recruitment, no announcement will made on the OT, but the target will know they were unsuccessfully recruited.  On a successful recruitment, the header will reflect this.


Any and all active players may keep spreadsheets of info during this game, and post them on the OT.  However, once a player has become inactive, they are to stop updates.