WW113 Louperté, Égalité, Fraternité: Day 2 (The Storming of the Bastille)

“Non sire, ce n’est pas une révolte, c’est une révolution.”

-Duc de la Rochefoucauld, to the King

As the days pass, more and more people flock to the capital, to the center of the Revolution.  Some, however, see danger in the coming chaos, and take matters into their own hands.

As he walks down an alleyway, past a freshly-painted white fence, Pepé le Pew catches sight of a gorgeous, striped tail rounding a corner.  His heart thumps out of his chest three or four times, and he gives bounding chase, hopping straight into a waiting sack. The sack is put into a bag, the bag is put into a chest, which is padlocked, and the chest placed into a wooden box that is nailed shut.  The top of the box is labelled “To England. Do not open” and an absurd amount of postage is put on it. The box is then loaded onto a freighter at the ocean docks… of Paris. Unseen to any at the time, underneath the fence, next to a can of white paint, lies a little flower.


Raven and Rose (Pepé le Pew) is removed from the game.  She was a Citoyenne (Vanilla Town).

Somewhere not too far away, Detective Dixon Hill trudged down a different alleyway through a pouring rain.  The holodeck had been supposed to transport him to the 1940s, not the 1780s, but he refused to let himself break character except when browbeating an android to get him out of this mess.  Suddenly, a cliché happened, as a figure stepped out in front of him holding a gun. Sure, it was a percussion lock pistol and not a revolver, but it made Picard wonder about the Holodeck’s Safety protocols nevertheless.  

“What’s this all about the–UGH” said Dixon Hill as the shot went through him.  “Pour la Révolution.” was all the reply he got.  As he lay bleeding out, Jean-Luc Picard had just one thought:  “Mister Data. Fu…”

Hoho (Jean-Luc Picard) has died.  He was a Citoyen (Vanilla Town)

Monseiur Croc, meanwhile, rested assured that his neck was entirely too thick for any guillotine to slice through.  He was a loyal agent of the Revolution, and even if politics turned against him, he was safe from Revolutionary reprisal.  Instead of dwelling on such things, though, he might have considered the aristocracy who considered alligator leather boots a luxury, and weren’t too particular about variations in species.  The thugs of the old order fell upon him, then went for ham and Gruyėre sandwiches in celebration.

Mac (Croc-Monsieur) is dead.  He was a Citoyen (Vanilla Town).

In news for the rest of you, Paris is surrounded, so the word goes.  At the urging of his reactionary advisors, the King has fired his minister, Jacques Necker, who was the one voice of sympathy to the Third Estate in the whole of the government.  And now, the King is mobilizing the armed forces, many of them German and Swiss mercenaries who would not hesitate to fire on a Parisian crowd.

It is July 14th, and you, the san-culottes of Paris and their allies alike, need arms.  Guns you have, from the storming of the Hôtel des Invalides.  What you need is powder.  The Bastille not only has political prisoners within, jailed merely for speaking a word about the King, but also as much gunpowder as will help you and the cadres of soldiers who have deserted for your cause, to defend the cause of the People.

Your leaders go in.  You wait just beyond the bridge.  Tension is growing.

The Storming of the Bastille

Twilight shall be on Tuesday, 7 January, at 4PM EST . With 17 players left, 9 votes for a single player (or “no kill”) will trigger Early Twilight)


Bonjour!  You are a humble, loyal citoyen of France. (Vanilla Town)   You may have been a member of any of the estates before the Revolution, but now you support the Jacobins, either through affection or fear.  Your sole power lies in the franchise; your vote!

You win the game when the Wolves and Serial Killer are all dead.


  1. Owen (Marie Tussaud)
  2. Spookyfriend (Monsieur Falcon)
  3. Tiff Aching’s Golden Hare (Le Lapin d’or de Tiff Aching)
  4. Goat (Phillipe de Chèvre)
  5. Sic Humor (Jacques de la Varenne)
  6. Emmelemm (Milla Jovovich)
  7. Robert Post’s Child (The Time Bandits)
  8. Snugglewumps (Remy)
  9. MSD (Count da Money)
  10. The Hayes Code (Barbarella)
  11. Nate the Lesser (Muzzy)
  12. Mayelbridwen (Miss Clavel)
  13. Miss Rim (Marie Calvet)
  14. The Wasp (Julie d’Aubigny)
  15. Gramps (Racist caricature)
  16. Mars 5 (Useless Fop)


  1. Hohopossum (Jean-Luc Picard) (Vanilla Town)
  2. MacCrocodile (Croc Monsieur) (Vanilla Town)
  3. Raven and Rose (Pepe le Pew) (Vanilla Town)
  4. Sister Jude (George Sand) (Vanilla Town)
  5. Captain Video (Benjamin Franklin) (Town Jailer)


16 11 Town

  • 11 7 Vanilla Town (Citizens)
  • 1 Town Jailer (Georges Danton)
  • 1 Town Doctor (The Bishop of Digne)
  • 1 Town Investigator (Maximillien Robespierre)
  • 1 Town Vigilante (Jean-Paul Marat)
  • 1 Town Martyr (Sydney Carton)

4 Wolves (Counterrevolutionaries)

  • 1 Wolf Recruiter (Marquis de Lafayette)
  • 1 Wolf Roleblocker (Olympe de Gouges)
  • 1 Wolf Spy (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  • 1 Wolf Daykiller (Charlotte Corday)

1 Serial Killer (The Scarlet Pimpernel)

The Martyr may, up to twice per game, ask the mod, within 15 minutes past Twilight, about the role of the daykilled person.  They then may, if they choose, die in that person’s place.  The spared player’s role shall not be revealed on the OT.

The Recruiter‘s ability has a chance of failure, dependent on how many wolves and certain other roles are alive at the beginning of any night phase.  On an unsuccessful recruitment, no announcement will made on the OT, but the target will know they were unsuccessfully recruited.  On a successful recruitment, the header will reflect this.


Any and all active players may keep spreadsheets of info during this game, and post them on the OT.  However, once a player has become inactive, they are to stop updates.