Box Office: January 3-5

With little in the way of new material out this weekend, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker has the gradual arrival of more people coming to see it that held off from the debut weeks. The film has hit just under the $451 million mark domestically and is at $918 million worldwide so far and will hit the $1b mark before we know it really. The film obviously isn’t doing the same business as the first two but there was no way either part eight or nine were going to do the numbers the return sequel did with all of its built up anticipation. When it does cross the $1 billion mark, it’ll be the seventh film of Disney that began release in 2019 to cross that line.

One other film that did do that was Frozen 2, which came in at fifth place with a $11.2 million take. It’s at just under $450 million domestic but has a worldwide of $1.325 billion, which earns it the title of the highest grossing animated film of all time.

We’re continuing to see some good legs for Jumanji: The Next Level as it moves a bit more slowly than the first but with a -25% dip this weekend, it definitely holds well with a $26.5 million take. It’s at $236 million total domestic so far but is at a worldwide of $610 million.

Of new films out this weekend, The Grudge landed in fourth with a $11.3 million take but was also one of a very few number of films to get an “F” CinemaScore.I think I had read that only five other mainstream films had gotten that low of a rating.

And a little something that was pointed out that’s amusing to a small subset but Knives Out is currently at $130 million with its domestic take (and just under $250 million worldwide) , it’s just about a week away from surpassing Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood which wrapped up with a $141 million domestic take. I don’t think a lot of people expected that going into either film and the anticipation levels and the social media issues with both directors.

Next weekend has a few films going wide with 1917 and Just Mercy expanding from their limited Christmas openings while Like a Boss lands wide for Paramount and Underwater for Fox.