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Hallmark Countdown to Christmas: When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas Recap/Review

We’ve done it, my friends. We’ve reached the last movie of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas 2019. The final film is When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas, the holiday special of a Canadian TV series.

Also, is that baby in the header just straight up floating in space??


As residents of Hope Valley prepare to celebrate Christmas, intertwined stories explore the emotions and magic that connect them during the holiday season.

I watched last year’s special but still have little to no clue who these people are.


The film starts with the lead character Elizabeth narrating why she loves Hope Valley at Christmas. Some dude who travels a lot has brought with him the concept of a Christmas festival, so the town is getting into it.

Everything looks so obnoxiously clean. I could’ve told you this screenshot was from a present-day Canadian Christmas cosplay event. It’s actually from frontier-era Canada .

Elizabeth’s student choir is taking part in the celebrations and we see her conducting them so poorly it’s embarrassing. I’m no musician, but I know her hands are totally off time. She also shows us her baby. Last year, she had a baby in a cottage and now it’s almost a year old.

Elizabeth meets with her friends, including this lady from the last film that is so incredibly grating, my face involuntarily grimaces every time she’s on-screen.

She’s all peppy, but that’s not the part that truly irritates me (although it still does). Her hair and makeup. Why?! WHY BOTHER SETTING THIS IN THE WAGON ERA?!

Elizabeth has a nice chat with the guy who brought the Christmas festival idea to town. His name is Lucas, by the way. He’s this huge traveler and tells Elizabeth of all the places he’s been. However, Hope Valley is tops for him because he’s boring.

Meanwhile, a Mountie named Nathan is offered up a role in Union City. He accepts it.

Get outta there, Nate. You don’t seem to like it much there anyway.

Elizabeth doesn’t know about his upcoming move and tries to be nice to him. It’s likely she’s trying to get with this guy because her DEAD HUSBAND™ was also a Mountie.

Later, Nate tells a guy with highlights that he’ll be leaving but to please not tell the whole town. They’re all gossips who can’t shut up.

Meanwhile, these two build a gingerbread house that could fit five whole orphans.

Nathan has a niece who he hasn’t broken the news to. She’s enjoying the ever-loving crap out of Hope Valley, so he chickens out when he has the opportunity to say something. He goes Christmas tree shopping with her and Elizabeth instead. Liz and Nate have a moment which makes him reconsider leaving.

 In town, a guy with highlights looks for something he lost. The beginnings of dementia?

Nathan’s niece finds out about his promotion and is initially happy for him. However, when he mentions that they’ll have to skip town, her face drops. She wants to cry but sucks it up.

The Christmas festival is going gangbusters which Lucas wasn’t expecting. He calls upon the friendly townfolk to save his ass by bringing food to the local saloon. He didn’t plan enough for the big Christmas dinner.

After dinner, Lucas invites the entire town to see some Chinese lanterns. Everyone oohs and ahhs because they are genuinely pretty. I believe Lucas did this for Elizabeth because they sort of have a thing.


But not everything is rosy. Nathan’s niece is moping outside. Elizabeth, her schoolteacher senses tingling, approaches the girl. The girl reveals that since Nathan got a promotion, they’ll have to move to Union City.

Liz confronts Nate and he confirms her worst fears: he’s got a better job. She coldly congratulates him and leaves to celebrate her baby’s first birthday.

At her baby’s birthday party, the highlights guy gives Elizabeth a gift for the baby from her DEAD HUSBAND™. She cries because Jesus, that’s intense.

The town gathers at the schoolhouse to listen to the schoolchildren sing carols.

Nathan’s niece is fucking DISTRAUGHT in every scene.

Sick of her moping, Nathan decides to stay in the white-bread Hope Valley. The girl finally smiles. Nathan asks her to let HIM tell Elizabeth about this decision. However, the dumb girl takes that away from him and tells her teacher anyway.

Lucas appears to be muscling in on Nathan’s joint. He has a heart-to-heart with Elizabeth. She thanks him for making Christmas special by creating a festival. Nate sees this happening and slinks away.

Moping runs in the family.

The next morning, everyone opens presents. Elizabeth’s baby’s present to her is his first word: mama. It ain’t gonna be papa, that’s for sure. FIN.

There’s no kiss. Can you believe it?!


In the last movie, Elizabeth falls in love with her baby. In this one, she has two suitors but you’ll have to watch the show to find out what happens. I’ll call it now: Nathan. He’s a Mountie and she’s got a type.

This is Hallmark’s Christmas Day film and I get why. No one wants to watch a new film. They just want to see characters they know do Christmas things.


  • There’s a storyline where a young guy is trying to sell stuff to people. He’s an innocent hustler that just needs the love of a good town.
  • Watching this movie is difficult. There are so many storylines and I’m trying to find the important ones.
  • The lady I don’t like struggles to come up with a gift for Elizabeth’s baby. She comes up with one when she sees a horse almost run over two kids (not kidding). She gifts the baby a rocking horse.
  • Another character named Faith calls a guy with gel in his hair to tell him that she can’t make it back for Christmas. There’s a whole rigamarole where they travel to the other’s locations. Imagine my absolute shock when they finally unite and kiss. I honest to God thought he was her father.
  • Anyone know how Elizabeth’s husband died?


NOTHING! That’s right. We’ve completed the whole Countdown to Christmas. Apologies for the lateness as life got in the way. But I want to thank everyone who read this and commented. It kept me going during the dregs (read: 90% of the films). I hope this brought you some sort of joy during the hectic holidays and during this short week of post-holiday.

Will I do this next year? WHO KNOWS! Should I review other things in the year? I DUNNO!