Hallmark Countdown to Christmas: Double Holiday Recap/Review

Happy New Year, folks! To ring in the new year, I’ll still be in Christmas. Those of you that are hungover, why not have a read?

Actually, for this film, we’ll be Hanukkah-ing AND Christmas-ing. Don’t confuse Double Holiday for Holiday Date though. This one has a menorah in the film banner.


Career-minded Rebecca’s plans for Hanukkah don’t go as expected when a promotion opportunity comes up at work. When the company CEO asks Rebecca and her insufferable office mate, Chris – also her main competitor for the promotion – to plan the company’s Christmas party, she realizes they must overcome their opposing styles in order to succeed. Forced to work together on the party, Chris learns more about Rebecca and embraces her family’s Hanukkah traditions, while she also begins to see him in a new light. Although feelings slowly develop between the two, the ongoing competition over the promotion threatens to undermine it all.


We meet our Hallmark Heroine Rebecca as she walks into the office. She’s a model employee at her property development firm and deserves a promotion!

One might be coming her way since a big senior execs has left. This usually is an awful sign that your business is in dire straits, but we can just assume the exec is moving to small town America to be with their true love for Christmas.

However, she needs to make a move before her stupid colleague Chris goes for the position. According to Rebecca and her coworker, he’s a straight up douche.

Believe it or not, Chris is our Hallmark Hunk. He has no respect for desks.

Five minutes in and I already detest Chris. He’s smug and irritating. He teases Rebecca by saying that he’ll likely be her boss, tells her that he’s “forward-thinking”, and is just an all-around braggart. He’s Hallmark’s version of a “bad boy.”

Since Rebecca’s boss has left, the rest of the team holds an emergency meeting. It is here that Rebecca learns that she will be in charge of…organizing the annual holiday party. Chris does everything he can to stop himself from laughing in Rebecca’s face until he’s told that he’ll have to take part in this, too.

Great use of what the team lead calls her “senior staff.”

Chris and Rebecca argue about the party. Chris literally dangles the keys to the party’s venue in Rebecca’s face.

They head to venue only to discover that nothing has been organized. They’ve been dropped into the crapper.

Rebecca offers up a rough idea for a theme (which Chris doesn’t care for) and lets Chris handle a few of the logistics as she has a “thing” to do.

That thing? Hanukkah with the family.

When Chris asks for more info about Hanukkah, Rebecca compares it to a phone that lasts eight days at only 10% battery – a miracle. They part ways so that the woman can get her holiday prep started.

At home, Rebecca burns some potatoes. This is thanks to Chris since he distracted her by coming by her house unannounced.

Rebecca puts him to work. Chris does a little bit of mansplaining when it comes to cooking latkes.

Rebecca’s family arrives to her mansion (it truly is) and comments on the stranger in the kitchen. Rebecca’s mom shouts, “Awful Chris?!” when Rebecca tells them who it is. She’s embarrassed but whaddayagonnado?

Chris bullies himself into joining dinner. He even puts on a yarmulke! The family is delighted to have him join – no explanation why – and tell him that he’s going to spend the next seven days with them. Rebecca is mortified.

Some light clarinet background music plays throughout this scene.

We cut to the next day. Chris is playing basketball with some kids and his friend. He volunteers at a youth center it appears. Heart of gold, this guy.

Chris is late for a meet up with Rebecca to go Christmas tree shopping. Rebecca admits that she doesn’t know the first thing about picking a tree. Chris uses this moment of vulnerability to make her ASK for his help. My brain exploded. They find a stupid tree and decorate it.

If things can’t get any worse, Chris actually takes the family’s offer and joins the NEXT Hanukkah event. 

After another night with the family, Rebecca and Chris take a leisurely walk. He informs her that he has a DEAD FATHER™ and his holidays tend to be simple. They warm up to each other.

At work, Chris helps Rebecca finally introduce herself into a guy she’s been crushing on.

This guy. I don’t remember his name. It’s probably Porridge or something.

Back at the venue, Chris and Rebecca open up to one another. Chris notices that she clams up when faced with something she really wants. The guy gives her some positive advice on how to be more like she is when she’s with her family.

Rebecca makes some small steps towards taking charge: she nails a presentation with Jane (the team lead) and gives her number to that bland guy. All thanks to Chris.

“Whoops, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.”

Due to all the Christmas planning, Chris tells Rebecca that he can’t make it to the next Hanukkah event at the youth center. But surprise! He does because it’s the center he mentors at! He shows her that he’s good with kids which makes Rebecca’s ovaries melt. He then teaches her how to ice skate.

Because the Christmas party is such short notice, no bakery will make cookies for them. Chris and Rebecca decide to make it themselves. These people must live on coffee what with having full-time jobs, celebrating Hanukkah, and baking until 3 AM.

We catch up with Porridge again. He’s a workaholic which appears to be a problem for Rebecca the workaholic.

Having grown close over the last few days, Rebecca and Chris aren’t so at each other’s necks when it comes to the promotion. Maybe they’ll hook up!

However during one Hanukkah night, Chris overhears a portion of a conversation Rebecca has with her sister. She communicates that nothing will happen with Chris. He walks away just as she says she thinks he has girlfriend and, therefore, can’t get with him.

It’s the night of the big party. The client that the company is trying to impress has arrived.

Chris chooses to make an announcement like this.

Chris tells everyone that it’s also Hanukkah and brings out a menorah as a surprise. Rebecca and her family light the candles and say the prayer. Porridge realizes that Rebecca likes Chris, so he backs off.

Jane approaches the happy couple to tell them who is going to be promoted. Rebecca gets chosen. The client asks Chris to work for them. They both accept. The two are happy for each other’s good fortune. They kiss. FIN.

Nothing to see here.


I grew to like Chris and I’m not sure why. Maybe my brain is broken. This was fairly typical except of two Christmasses, we got a Hanukkah. It’s fine.

Rating: 3 out of 5 promotions.


  • Chris needs to sort out his posture. Rather than walk, he lumbers.
  • I feel like Hallmark gave developers such a bad time that they’re now obligated to have a portion of their leads work in property development.
  • Chris tells Rebecca, “I always wished to have a big loud family with crazy traditions.” This is meant to be nice but yikes.
  • Chris talks to the guy who builds the youth centers in honor of his mother. He gives him suggestions for making them better. He realizes how badly he’s come off by telling Rebecca “I just told a man that his late mother’s passion project needs improvement!” This is one of the few times I have laughed at a Hallmark.


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. Borrowing titles from songs. That’s better.