The Monday Politics Thread is Counting Down

So, the Democrats have lost a freshman representative who couldn’t resist the dumptruck of money driven up to his house: New Jersey rep Jeff Van Drew has proven to be a spineless weakling who we can all wave goodbye to.

Last month, Mr. Van Drew vowed in a two-hour teleconference that he would remain a Democrat.

“I am absolutely not changing,” he said, stating his lifelong position as a moderate Democrat.

But conversations between Mr. Van Drew and top advisers to Mr. Trump intensified in recent days, according to a Republican familiar with the discussions, with the lawmaker making clear that he was nervous about losing his seat, either in a Democratic primary or the general election.

Those talks came after Mr. Van Drew saw the results of a poll conducted this month that suggested that a vote against impeaching Mr. Trump would damage his chances of winning his Democratic primary. The poll, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, showed that the overwhelming majority of Democratic primary voters — 71 percent — would be less likely to support his re-election if he opposed the charges against Mr. Trump.

No loss.  Door, hit, way out, etc.

And, well, then there was the voting in Britain:

The exit poll stunned us all again. In 2017 it raised the curtain on a night of humiliation for Theresa May and the Conservatives and triumph for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. This time the roles were reversed. Boris Johnson succeeded where May failed, mobilising Leave voters’ frustration at Brexit deadlock to secure the largest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher’s third victory in 1987, and the largest share of the vote (44%) won by any party since Thatcher’s first win in 1979. Corbyn secured a “glorious defeat” in the summer of 2017, when a surge in Labour support saw the party advance in defiance of expectations of disaster.

The defeat this time was not glorious. Labour fell everywhere, but the party collapsed in its northern and Midlands heartlands where voters have returned Labour MPs for generations. The “red wall” collapsed, and Corbyn’s party was left to pick through the rubble of its worst defeat in more than 80 years.

What the shit, people.  Hate Corbyn all you want, but is putting British Donald Trump in even more control a smart way of doing it?

Also, apparently people need to remember The Avocado is a place that may be crazy in its own way, but has rules, and mods, and that both need to be followed.  The Site Rules have not changed substantially.  They’re still in force.  And it’s really simple: don’t be an asshole.  People keep leaving the Politics Thread because others seem to think they can ignore this basic tenant of The Avocado.  So maybe brush up on the rules again, and re-think some of the things you might think of posting before you hit that button.