Werewolf 109 – Werewolf: The Musical! Day 4

It was the Monday after the first weekend of previews, and the company members were sleeping off their hangovers, cozy in their tiny tiny itty bitty Manhattan apartments.

Well, most were.

Peyton Hobart, the ambitious high schooler, was ruffling through the cast resumés in the theater management office, trying to see if he could figure out the identities of the evil understudies.

“Hmmm…this one went to AMDA, they could definitely be evil…”

When suddenly Lucas Steele burst into the room!

“What are you doing?” Lucas yelled, at once commanding and handsome but also charming and mischievous.

“N-n-n-othing,” Peyton muttered, “just trying to–”

“Stuff it! I know your character is played by Ben Platt! You stole one Tony from me, you’re not going to steal another!”

“I didn’t mean to–” Peyton began, but was cut off by the sudden emergence of three cloaked figures from the deep shadows behind the producer’s desk.

“Shit!” Lucas spun around, spinning and spinning like he’s so damn good, I mean, have you seen this charming asshole spin?

“Times up, boys…” the cloaked figure in the front said, menacingly, raising in their right hand a prop scythe from the recently closed Broadway production of Oklahoma.

Just then, a faint sound caught everyone’s ears.


They all looked around.


It was getting louder, but they couldn’t tell what the source was. Suddenly, it burst into the room.


In a flurry, the Ghost of Elaine Stritch lunged for Peyton. He fell to the ground.

“No…I’m sorry, Lucas…you deserved the Tony…”

And with a shudder, he was gone.

Peyton Hobart (LAMB DANCE) is DEAD. He was VANILLA TOWN.

Lucas bent down and kissed him on the head. The kiss was so beautiful, it nearly brought Peyton back to life. But it didn’t. Because he was dead.

“Thank you, my brother in the theater. I know I did.” In another person’s mouth, that would have been arrogant and condescending, but from Lucas’ lips it was just so fucking charming.

The evil understudies took advantage of that beautiful, beautiful moment to behead Lucas with the scythe.

Lucas Steele (GRUMPRORO) is DEAD. She was VANILLA TOWN. 

As the evil understudies quickly faded into the shadows, Patti Lupone burst through the door. All she saw was two dead bodies and the hovering ghost of Elaine Stritch. She pulled out her gun and yelled.


The shot rang out as it somehow had an effect on the ghost of Elaine Stritch, who began to disintegrate. As she died, she whispered…

…but I did it drunk and in better clothes…

And with that she was gone.

Rupert Giles (DEMYX) is DEAD. He was the GHOST OF ELAINE STRITCH.

Having used her last bullet, Patti tossed the gun to the side and stormed out to look for her assistant. Who was late. As usual.


CHORUS MEMBERS (5 VANILLA TOWN) – The hardest working people in the show, the chorus members are the glue that hold the whole production together. They may not get to belt out the eleven o’clock number, but they are proud members of Actor’s Equity, and as such they have the power of their vote to attempt to oust the evil understudies in their midst.

PATTI LUPONE (VIGILANTE) – Whether it’s grabbing an audience member’s phone out of their hands during a show or squaring off with Andrew Lloyd Weber, Patti has always been willing to take the law into her own hands. Many years ago, she stole the prop gun from the West End production of Sunset Boulevard. Just a few days ago, Bernadette Peters sent her three lucky bullets as a good luck gift going into previews. She can use up to one bullet per night until all three have been fired in her attempts to eradicate the company of evil understudies.

BETTY BUCKLEY (INVESTIGATOR) – Ever since starring in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Betty has kept her investigative skills honed. She is a master of disguise, and has been known to creep up to actors napping on the Equity cot and rifle through their pockets to determine if they are an evil understudy, or just a normal chorus member.

AUDRA MCDONALD (JAILOR) – Audra’s got six Tony awards, and she keeps them under lock and key ever since the night Judy Kuhn got drunk and tried to sneak one out under her caftan. Every night, Audra can choose one company member to throw in her Tony vault for protection. She cannot jail the same person two nights in a row. She cannot jail herself.


  • CHEYENNE JACKSON (WOLF LEADER) – The leader of the evil understudies, Cheyenne’s a veteran, so if investigated he will read as a normal chorus member (VT).
  • SUTTON FOSTER (WOLF RECRUITER) – Sutton comes from a theatrical family, so once during the game she can summon her less-talented older brother HUNTER FOSTER to join the evil understudies.


Elaine’s back and she’s hungry for blood…and ATTENTION.


1. MacCrocodile – Carol Goddamned Channing

2. Spookyfriend – Emma, The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals

3. Mayelbridwen – Ruth & Eileen, Wonderful Town

4. Hoho – King Herod, Jesus Christ Superstar – VANILLA TOWN

5. Grumproro – Lucas Steele, Broadway ActorVANILLA TOWN


7. Lindsay – Heather Davis, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

8. Donalbain – Pantomime star – VANILLA TOWN

9. MSD – Rod, Avenue Q

10. Hayes – Rapunzel, Tangled BETTY BUCKLEY(INVESTIGATOR)

11. Demyx – Rupert Giles, Once More With Feeling THE GHOST OF ELAINE STRITCH (SK)

12. Emmelemm – Florence, Chess 

13. DW – Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas – VANILLA WOLF

14. Owen – Owen, accomplished musical directorVANILLA TOWN

15. Lamb – Peyton Hobart, The Politician  – VANILLA TOWN

16. Lord Stoneheart – The Phantom, The Phantom of the Opera

17. Josephus – Peridot, Steven Universe

18. April – Troy McClureAUDRA MCDONALD (JAILOR)

19. Louie – Poppy, Noises Off

20. Goat – Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer of Goats! – VANILLA TOWN

21. Subsaharan – Charlie Kelly – VANILLA TOWN


1. Anna

2. Indy

3. Flubba



You are a member of the Chorus (Vanilla Town), and a card-carrying member of Actor’s Equity. As such, you have only the power of your vote to root out those evil understudies.


Night actions will occur in the order that enables the most actions to go through.

Note that you must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed or replaced.

The Day 4 Trivia Challenge will happen at 2pm CST on Friday December 6th.

TWILIGHT WILL BE FRIDAY DECEMBER 6TH AT 7PM CST. (can be adjusted if needed)