The Women+ Thread Grows As A Person

Some guidelines to help this space be a positive experience for everyone:

☮ As always with the Avocado, don’t feel compelled to share beyond your comfort level.

☮ Anyone who identifies as female, or who was socialized female/AFAB/otherwise has firsthand experience with the issues being discussed, is welcome to post. If you identify as cis-male, we ask that you please set your participation to “lurk” mode, unless otherwise explicitly invited to participate further (i.e. if we did an AMA kind of thread). I’m sure there’s plenty to be gleaned just by reading!

☮ Please do your best to be mindful of others’ experiences when commenting or posing questions for the group. The female identity is Legion and contains multitudes, and not everyone who has experience with being treated as female by society identifies as female. Furthermore, racial and ethnic identities, sexual orientation, and many other factors can color how one experiences their gender identity on a day-to-day basis. 

Bring us your news, discussions, frustrations and inspirations, Avocado Ladies+!

This week’s suggested topic: Returning home, growth, and change

Many of us do not live in the same house as our parental figures, let alone the same city, state, or country. What’s it like returning home to see how you’ve changed and your hometown has changed, how things have stayed the same? For the people who live in their hometowns, what’s it like to see people who return? For those who moved around, do you have a fixed point in memory that your growth and change can be related to?

To be more broad with the the topic, what are your thoughts on growth and change, is all growth good, is loss a necessary part, etc?