Riverdale S4E7 “Chapter Sixty-Four: The Ice Storm” Live Thread

So shit has been getting wild. Jughead found out his gramps actually wrote those hardy boy knockoff books (not that other old guy) and told Mr. Chipping. Chipping then shortly went headfirst out of a window and weirdly Jug was the only one who reacted. And now old guy is the teacher.

Archie has been transitioning into his role as the future Daredevil by wearing an all black costume and fighting crime, which then got his house shot up. He goes to Hiram for help and it looks like he may have put hands on Dodger.

Hermione took back Hiram for some raisin and now him and new half sis have moved in.

Betty thought her brother was a serial killer but it turns out he’s just secretly working with Chic to some end.

Cheryl’s family wants to sell the business, so they show up just when a haunted(?) doll is causing havoc. Her uncle discovers Charles’ corpse and Toni kills him. (TONI JUST LEAVE CHERYL JESUS)


and thats where we are