The Halloween Day Thread!

Let’s get spooky!!!

To be honest, I had no idea what to write for this thread. As the spookiest person on this website I thought I could handle the honor of making a thread worthy of the title Halloween Day Thread. But do I know what I’m doing? Absolutely not!

So I figured why not make it a personal thing? People here do these threads on personal topics all the time, whether it be about their favorite movies, obscure media from their childhood, cool pictures they found online, whatever. But I can’t just write about Guilty Party again. That’s not spooky enough.

From there I thought I should tie the Halloween theme into my own life. I could talk about how Halloween was cancelled for four years in a row, but that’s not really much of a story, is it? It’s just, like, “Hurricane Sandy happened, then a bunch of people got really upset about clowns and probably another hurricane, and I fully do not remember the first week of any November of those four years”. Literally a paragraph if I drag things out.

But then I thought, oh, dang, I do have a Halloween-y story to share with y’all. It’s under the cut due to the many pictures I have of… him.


taken from the last photoshoot he starred in

This is my haunted doll, Sean.

He’s my son. He has three mothers, only one of whom hates him.

He has lived in my bedroom for three years now, and he hasn’t haunted my dreams to a capacity I’ve noticed.

We found him in a Goodwill. It was an overcast fall evening, with distinct Thursday energy. I think I and his other two mothers were looking for a specific shade of red fabric, but since we were there we decided to partake in the assorted items, electronics, DvDs, and… the books.

Amongst the books I spotted him, orange-haired and haunted. My beloved son, though I didn’t know it at the time. I picked him up from the vaguely crooked bookshelf, awestruck. Everything about him, from the little hearts on his red frilled shirt, to his tiny overalls, to the mischievous expression on his face, captured my heart– nay, my SOUL– from the instant I beheld him.

where did he get that???

But how did he get the name Sean? I consulted with his soon-to-be parents, who agreed with me that this doll absolutely had at least one spirit possessing him. This put his second mother off of him, but I was a true believer. We vowed to find the name of this spirit before we left the Goodwill. Sadly, we could not find a fitting tribute– the six Local Middle School Soccer Team t-shirts had no name printed onto them, and the names of authors on the bookshelf we found him did not speak to us.

#besties <3

Then, in the jacket section, we unearthed an embroidered black bomber jacket that I, to this day, regret leaving there on the rack. It read, in neon green lettering, “[BRAND NAME] PLUMBING SERVICE”. The B in PLUMBING had half of the stitching removed, so that the word looked like “PLUMRING”. On the front of the jacket, in bright blue for some godawful reason, was written the name Sean. At this moment we knew that the spirit living within this doll was to be called Sean.


Whether Sean died in a fatal plumbing accident, or he was brought into this world nameless and alone, I know not. But I do know this:

I love my haunted son.


Happy Halloween, folks!! <3