Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Oct. 31

Today’s contestants are:

– Andrew, a journalist from Ontario, shares wild morning hair with his daughter;
– Miriam, an attorney from New York, sings with other legal professionals; and
– Steve, a playwright from Kentucky, watched “Days of Our Lives” with his grandma. Steve is a three-day champ with winnings of $85,603.

Steve missed DD3, opening the door for Andrew to take the lead away going into FJ with $13,400 vs. $12,000 for Steve and $8,600 for Miriam.

DD1, $1,000 – HOBBIES – At the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Des Newton would delight kids by showing how to make these impossible-seeming models (Miriam won $1,800 on a true DD.)

DD2, $1,200 – “H”ISTORY – This defensive barrier was in use until almost the end of the Roman rule in Britain (On the first clue of DJ, Andrew won the window maximum of $2,000.)

DD3, $1,600 – FICTIONAL FLAGS FLYING – After arriving by submarine, this character claims the South Pole with a black flag bearing a gold “N” (Steve still maintained a slight lead after dropping $4,000 from his score of $12,400.)

FJ – NOVELISTS – In a 1952 novel, he wrote, “But there were dry years too, & they put a terror on the valley. The water came in a thirty-year cycle”

Andrew and Miriam were correct on FJ, with Andrew adding $10,601 to win with $24,001.

TV troubles: In “Color Television”, no one knew the Kevin Costner Western series “Yellowstone”, or the name of the English mystery-solving priest that fits the category, Father Brown.

This day in Trebekistan: Alex felt that the FJ clue would lead players to a different novel from the same author, even though the book Trebek was referring to was written 13 years before the time stated in the clue.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – What are ships in a bottle?
DD2 – What is Hadrian’s Wall?
DD3 – Who is Nemo?
FJ – Who was Steinbeck? (The passage was from “East of Eden”, not “The Grapes of Wrath”.)