The Night Thread Stays at Gregory’s Hotel

Gregory Horror Show was a Japanese CGI anime television series created by Naomi Iwata, that ran from 1999 to 2003. The first volume of the show is about a businessman who finds himself at a creepy hotel run by an elderly and snide mouse called Gregory.


Unusually, the show takes place in the 1st person: the viewer is the businessman. Each ‘volume’ is comprised of a bunch of 2-3 minute long episodes, each one centered around the viewer encountering another of the hotel’s bizarre guests. Most episodes are opened and closed by Gregory, who will offer a twisted moral take.

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The show is also notable for its unusual art and direction: colourful, blocky characters (though some a little bloody) exist against the dutch angles and ominous soundtrack of old horror movies, while the first person view and dingy setting make everything look like a 90’s PC game. It oddly comes together well, and manages to be creepy and funny in a unique way. It’s all on YT, friendos!

In 2003 Capcom released a game based on the show (in Japan and Europe anyway, strangely not North America). The game is in 3rd person perspective, and it’s a stealth/theft game in which you steal a guest’s ‘soul bottle’, leading to the guest roaming the hallways of the hotel looking for you. The game has gone on to be something of a cult classic, as it to manages to project the same bizarre/ creepy atmosphere of the show, and is also downright scary, when the guests are in pursuit. As it was made by Capcom, I wouldn’t be surprised for a second to learn the Resident Evil guys had a hand in it.

You just gotta trust me, this is scary

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