Lost Soul of Krypton #1


Panel 1: We are seeing through the eyes of a man as he plummets through a foggy grey void, his bare arms outspread before him. There are dark blotches swirling in that surrounding fog, just beyond our ability to make them out. Throughout the page we see lightning streaking across the distant reaches of the void, our only source of light.

Panel 2: Same shot, but the man’s hands begin to take a defensive posture. The shadowy blotches in the fog have shifted slightly and grown nearer. Some are noticeably taking the shape of hands and reaching toward the camera.

1 MAN (from off panel): No.

Panel 3: Same shot. The blotches have moved closer still and now take up most of the space we can see in the void. Still more grasping hands have manifested and reach toward the camera. The blotch nearest to us, and in the centre of the panel, can now be seen to have possess a humanoid shape and eyes that glow a fiery red. It has no other distinct features, seemingly being made of shadow. Its hand clutches the man’s arm.

2 MAN (off panel): No! No!


Panel 1: Splash. We are no longer in the first person. We see the man now, floating in the void, surrounded by dozens of the shadowy phantoms with grasping claws and red flames where their eyes should be. More of the shadows have their hands on the man now. He screams in fear and pain as he struggles against them. He is wearing only tattered rags and, though we may not be able to get a good look at him yet, he is a tall, lanky guy with dark hair.

1 MAN: Yaaaarrrrggghhh!

2 CAPTION (Handwritten Journal): Investigation Notes for Case #104

3 CAPTION (Journal): October 3rd.


Panel 1: The man wakes with a start in a first-class seat on an airplane. We can now see him more clearly. He’s a white man, quite thin, around thirty years old. He is wearing a white suit with a black shirt and white tie. A pocket watch chain is visible. His thick dark hair is about as unkempt as it was in the dream, that’s just how he likes it, and we can now see that he has a goatee which is neatly trimmed, not at all like his hair. I don’t know about fashion, but if I’ve done this correctly, I feel like he should look kind of pretentious. On the tray or somewhere is a pair of sunglasses with small round lenses.

1 MAN: Gyah!

2 PA SYSTEM: –if you are connecting to another flight, please check the display in the terminal for your gate information. If you’re not connecting, welcome to Metropolis!

Panel 2: The man, now carrying a black bag and wearing the sunglasses, leaves the airport. On the building behind him a sign reads “O’Hara International Airport” and a lot of other people bustle about. The man is walking toward a driver standing by a car and holding a sign to greet him, but the driver has his back to us, so we can’t read the sign.

3 CAPTION (Journal): Usual dreams that occur when I fly. No noteworthy deviation.

4 DRIVER: Right this way, Sir. We still have time to beat the worst of the traffic.

Panel 3: The man is in the back seat of a cab, looking out the window to see the skyline of Metropolis across the West River. The version of Metropolis we’re getting here has no Lexcorp tower, but it is still full of impressively tall buildings. The Daily Planet building can be seen among them, nowhere near the tallest building in Metropolis, but its large decorative globe on the top makes it stand out. There’s a layer of thin clouds over the city, perhaps some sun rays breaking through and drawing attention to the Daily Planet. The car is just passing a billboard advertising a show called PHANTOM RESEARCHERS on a network called W-LEX. The ad shows some young hosts holding flashlights and making scared faces.

5 CAPTION (Journal): Nothing immediately visibly noteworthy about city.

6 DRIVER: First time in Metropolis, Sir?

7 MAN: Yes. It’s quite big, isn’t it?

8 DRIVER: So I hear, Sir. But you get used to it.

9 DRIVER: And look, you can already see our destination.


Panel 1: Establishing shot of the Daily Planet building. We’re now close enough that we can see the words DAILY PLANET on the globe. It’s still the same overcast day.

1 CAPTION (journal): Delayed plane means I went immediately from airport to meeting with newspaper people at Daily Planet.

2 LOIS (from inside): Hey Jim, is it spelled “patr-a-cide” or “patr-o-cide”?

Panel 2: A large shot. Inside the Daily Planet’s bullpen. We’re looking at Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Lois is at her computer, typing away. Jim is standing nearby, having just walked up to her. Because this script is never going to actually be drawn, I can give the reader permission to imagine whichever physical interpretation of the Daily Planet cast that they desire. Lois’s desk is a mess, with papers everywhere and at least two coffee cups. A name plate on her desk reads “Lois J. Lane”. Past the duo, the rest of the Planet’s staff are also hard at work. Here is where I would cram in cameos by the likes of Steve Lombard and Ron Troupe, because they sadly don’t have another place in this story.

3 JIMMY: Patricide. With an i.

4 JIMMY: Did you see that Mr. Stern just went in to the Chief’s office? I bet they call us in any minute now.

Panel 3: With a flourish, Lois clicks send on her computer.

5 LOIS: What for? If it’s about what I said to the Mayor’s grandmother, I already told him I’m not apologizing.

6 JIMMY: No, today’s the day the guy gets here. The ghost guy they want us to work with on the Luthor thing.

Panel 4: Lois rolls her eyes as she stands.

7 LOIS: Ugh.

8 LOIS: The ‘paranormal expert’ guy.

9 LOIS: Forgot about that.


Panel 1: Lois and Jim stand by Lois’s desk as they continue to chat.

1 JIMMY: Still, it’ll be good to get back to work on Luthor, won’t it?

2 LOIS: Nothing I want more.

Panel 2: Same shot.

3 LOIS: I just don’t see why they think we need a babysitter.

4 JIMMY: Well, I’ll do whatever it takes for this case. My credit card debt is beyond that of mortal men and this story is going to win us awards.

5 LOIS: You’re such a noble soul, Jim.

Panel 3: Same shot. Lois and Jim both look off panel toward the office.

6 WHITE (off-panel): Lane! Olsen! My office!

Panel 4: Lois drapes her arm over Jim’s shoulder and gestures as if she’s pointing toward the future. The two head to a door labelled “Editor-in-Chief Perry White”.

7 LOIS: Well, if the bosses want to saddle the best investigative team this city has ever seen with a third wheel, we might as well get it over with.


Panel 1: Lois and Jim join the two men already in Perry’s office. Perry White is seated behind his desk. Franklin Stern stands authoritatively next to him. There are a couple of newspaper and magazine articles on Perry’s desk which we will get a better look at later.

1 WHITE: Lois, have a seat.

2 LOIS: So, where’s the ghost catcher? I thought he was here.

3 WHITE: He’s on his way up. We just wanted–

4 LOIS: You wanted to make sure I won’t scare him off.

Panel 2: Lois has not taken a seat. Stern puts a hand on Perry’s shoulder to silence him.

5 STERN: Don’t blame Perry, Lois. This was my call.

6 LOIS: But Mr. Stern–

7 STERN: And I assure you it isn’t because I think you can’t do the job.

Panel 3: Two shot of Stern and White.

8 STERN: There’s no doubt that you and Jim are the best possible reporters we could have investigating Lex Luthor for corruption.

9 WHITE: Best crime reporters in the city.

10 STERN: But…

Panel 4: Close in on Stern.

11 STERN: …Lex Luthor made his millions bilking the gullible and superstitious. A lot of W-LEX viewers buy into all the stuff about ancient aliens, past lives, and ghosts.

12 STERN: If we’re going to do this right, to get them to accept our criticism of their hero, we need to disprove him from every angle. We need an expert at debunking that sort of thing.

Panel 5: Wide shot of the office as the door of the office opens and the man who had arrived at the airport enters. Stern gestures to the man and the Planet staff turn to him.

13 STERN: This is a job for Clark Kent, Paranormal Investigator.


Panel 1: The man, Clark Kent, shakes Franklin Stern’s hand. White stands to extend his hand as well. I don’t want anyone’s mental image of Clark to revert to the standard depiction. This Clark, as I said earlier, is still tall, but thin and lanky and sort of preposterous. He does not look strong. He is not a Clark Kent who has ever been Superman.

1 CLARK: You’re Mr. Stern?

2 STERN: I am. Nice to meet you in the flesh, Mr. Kent.

3 STERN: This is Perry White, our editor-in-chief.

Panel 2: Two-shot of Lois and Jim. Lois is unimpressed, her arms folded. Jim gives a little wave.

4 STERN (off-panel): And here are Lois Lane and James Olsen. You’ll be working with them.

Panel 3: Close on Clark, as he strokes his goatee, not looking at anyone in particular.

5 CLARK: Well, that isn’t guaranteed just yet.

6 CLARK: I agreed to come meet with you, but I’m not convinced yet that I wish to…

7 CLARK: To take the case, as it were.

Panel 4:Stern comes around the desk to get closer to Clark as Lois gestures to the papers on Perry’s desk.

8 STERN: Well, I’m sure–

9 CLARK: I heard some of what you were saying as I came in. I must stress that I am not a “debunker” of the paranormal as a general rule.

10 LOIS: That collection of articles there suggests otherwise.

Panel 5: Clark looks at the desk and reaches for the papers.

11 CLARK: Ah. Clipping of some of my previous exploits.

Panel 6: Closeup of the papers in Clark’s hands from his POV as he looks at them. On top is a newspaper article with the headline “EXORCIST WOLFINGHAM EXPOSED AS FRAUD” alongside a photo of a middle-aged fat white man being arrested. Visible under that is a page from an issue of NEWSTIME magazine with the headline “HAUNTED HOUSE HOAX” above a byline saying “By Toby Raynes”. The last of the visible articles is the front page of the Smallville Ledger. The only word from that headline that is visible is “FIRE”.

12 CLARK (off panel): An incomplete but representative collection, I admit.


Panel 1: Close on Clark. He is holding the pile of articles and looking them over.

1 CLARK: But what I mean to say is that it is not my goal to debunk such claims.

Panel 2: Same shot. Clark puts the articles back on the desk and reaches into his breast pocket with his free hand.

2 CLARK: My interest lies in a sincere desire to find genuine examples of the paranormal. I seek the big truths.

3 CLARK: My reputation as a debunker results from the fact that I am unwilling to accept anything but the most solid evidence.

Panel 3: Same shot. Clark pulls out his pocket watch and examines it.

4 CLARK: You’re trying to disprove various claims that W-LEX makes about the paranormal.

5 CLARK: I already don’t believe their claims.

Panel 4: Same shot. Clark puts his watch away as he looks back up at his audience.

6 CLARK: So…

7 CLARK: What’s in it for me to bother investigating further?


Panel 1: Stern speaks up, but Lois elbows her way past him and points a finger at Clark’s chest.

1 STERN: Well, we discussed your payment on the-

2 LOIS: What’s in it for you?

3 LOIS: You seek big truth?

Panel 2: Exasperated Lois shouts into Clark’s face. He draws back with surprise. Stern gets out of the way.

4 LOIS: The truth is that Lex Luthor is a corrupt and dangerous man with ties to organized crime.

5 LOIS: The truth is that Lex Luthor has a lot of power in this town, buying up real estate and influencing politics.

6 LOIS: The truth is that Lex Luthor has to be stopped.

Panel 3: Two shot of White and Stern, both standing now. White looks at Stern is making a subtle gesture toward Lois as if to say “See?” or “Tada” or something. Stern has a slight wry smile.

7 LOIS (off-panel): I’m about to tell a lot of Luthor’s fans a lot of big truths about their guy and there are libel laws.

8 LOIS (off-panel): So there is exactly one truth we could possibly use your help with:

Panel 4: Back to the shot of Lois pointing at Clark.

8 LOIS: The only thing you can tell me is if I can call Luthor a liar or not.

10 CLARK: I don’t–

11 LOIS: I need to know if Luthor actually believes his nonsense or if he is knowingly lying.

Panel 5: Close on Clark straightens his tie and regains his composure.

12 CLARK: Yes, well, I suppose I did come all this way to offer my expertise.


Panel 1: Lois backs off and leans against the wall. Stern moves back up to talk to Clark.

1 STERN: So, you’re on board?

2 CLARK: Let us say I am willing to consider it.

Panel 2: White sits back down behind his desk as Clark speaks, gesturing as if giving a lecture.

3 CLARK: I will begin looking into W-LEX. If I find it potentially interesting, I will stay and help. If not, I will give you all notes I compile pertaining to this matter for you to use in whatever way you wish.

4 WHITE: It’s a start.

Panel 3: Jim holds the office door for Clark. White points for them to leave.

5 WHITE: Jim, take Mr. Kent out to your desk and give him a rundown of what you’ve got so far.

6 WHITE: Lois, you stay here for a minute.

7 LOIS: What’s up?

Panel 4: Over Lois’s shoulder we have a two-shot of Perry White sitting behind his desk and Franklin Stern standing authoritatively next to him.

8 STERN: We need to talk.

9 STERN: I got a call from the mayor this morning. About his grandmother.

10 CAPTION (Journal): Lane and Olsen have wealth of evidence detailing Luthor’s numerous crimes…


Panel 1: On the sidewalk just outside the Planet building’s entrance. Lois, now wearing an autumn-appropriate jacket, has just exited the building with Jim and Clark on either side of her. Jim is now wearing a fancy scarf and has his camera on a strap over his shoulder.

1 CAPTION (Journal): …but they have done no research on this paranormal angle. It’s an afterthought to them. They don’t care about this the way I do.

2 LOIS: Phantom Researchers is one of the most popular shows that Luthor produces. Have you seen it?

3 CLARK: No.

Panel 2: The three continue to mill about on the sidewalk. Lois waves for a taxi.

4 JIM: It’s not great. Shaky cameras. Lot’s of screaming about creaks.

5 LOIS: And they’ve begun production of a new season focusing on supposed hauntings here in Metropolis.

6 LOIS: They’re trying to drum up publicity, so they’ve agreed to let us tag along while they do some location scouting this afternoon.

Panel 3: A cab has pulled to the curb where Jim and Lois are standing, but Clark continues walking down the sidewalk.

7 CLARK: That sounds good. I will begin my own investigations immediately. We can compare information later.

8 LOIS: No, but… we set this up with you in mind. To check out how they do things. You know the right questions to ask.

9 CLARK: I’m confident you can handle it.

Panel 4: Lois watches Clark walk further away. Jimmy opens the door to the cab.

10 LOIS: I tried to stop him. You saw me try to stop him.

11 JIMMY: I saw it.

12 LOIS: Wait, so now we have to interview the ghost show people ourselves?


Panel 1: Clark walks down a busy Metropolis street. He is approaching a building with a sign that says “W-LEX” which is across the street from a small city park, called Cheltham Park. The leaves of the deciduous trees are orange and red. If we look closely at the floors above ground level of the W-LEX building, we’ll notice a strange shadow that falls incorrectly compared to other shadows, but we won’t draw attention to that now.

1 CAPTION (Journal): Headed to W-LEX Building to see if it is possible to get a tour.

Panel 2: Clark is now almost at the doors of W-LEX, but has stopped in his tracks, his mouth agape. Two men are exiting the building. This is Henry and Bill. Henry is the focus of the shot, Bill walks behind him, but close enough that it is clear they’re together. Bill, is a tough-looking white guy in his thirties, wearing jeans and a t-shirt which allow him to show off the extensive tattoos of snakes that wrap around his arms. His head is shaved. Henry is dressed in a businesses-casual sort of attire. He’s of Chinese descent and of similar age to Bill. Henry has no tattoos (no visible ones anyway) and doesn’t look tough. He would look entirely ordinary if it weren’t for strange distortion effect that surrounds him. He is outlined by wavy lines, somewhat making it look like he’s got some sort of a forcefield. The two men are speaking to one another.

2 CAPTION (Journal): Not even inside building before finding a noteworthy individual.

3 CAPTION (Journal): Visual distortion effect unlike any previously encountered.

Panel 3: Close up on Clark as he lowers his sunglasses to get a better look.

4 CAPTION (Journal): Reaction of public made it clear only I can see effect.

Panel 4: An over-Clark’s-shoulder shot as he follows Bill and Henry away from W-LEX. They are walking down the street with their backs to us and Henry continues to radiate the strange dark lines, which seem to trail behind him as he moves then dissipate like steam.

5 CAPTION (Journal): Decided to pursue.


Panel 1: Bill and Henry continue walking and talking. Clark has gotten closer to them. Most of the foot traffic on the street is going the opposite direction.

1 CAPTION (Journal): Distorted individual and accomplice headed west on foot.

Panel 2: Everyone is stopped and waiting for a streetlight to change. A street-sign reveals this to be the corner of Bessolo Boulevard and Thirty-Eighth Street. Clark has gotten close to Henry.

2 CAPTION (Journal): Their discussion sounded like pointless smalltalk.

Panel 3: Close on Clark’s hand. He sticks it out to Henry’s back, so that it would be able to touch Henry’s forcefield, if that’s what it was. But he passes through the visual effect with ease, and no apparent result.

Panel 4: Clark falls back a bit as the duo cross the street. Bill looks over his shoulder, as if he felt someone had gotten close, but doesn’t know who on the crowded street. Clark is looking at his hand.

3 CAPTION (Journal): Distortion effect has no immediately apparent physical aspect.

Panel 5: Bill and Henry turn down onto a side street, Clark follows behind from several paces.


Panel 1: Clark has continued following Henry and Bill. The suspicious duo are at the bottom of a set of steps leading up to the entrance of a large fancy building with a sign that says “METROPOLIS MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY”. Henry is gesturing at his wristwatch. At the top of the stairs is a set of revolving doors. A poster announces an event by showing a picture of a colourful collection of glittering stones under the tagline “AMAZING CRYSTALS MINERALS AND GEMS”. Clark is at a distance from them on the sidewalk, watching them. A family of tourists, two parents and three kids, wearing colourful clothes are just making their way up the steps.

Panel 2: Henry starts up the steps behind the family as Bill walks away down the street.

1 CAPTION (Journal): The two split up at the Museum of Natural History.

Panel 3: Clark follows Henry up the steps. Still radiating his strange special effect, Henry follows the tourist family into the museum via the revolving door.

2 CAPTION (Journal): Followed the noteworthy one, naturally.

Panel 4: Clark quickly ducks into the revolving door in the compartment behind Henry.

Panel 5: Wide shot. We follow Clark into the lobby of the museum. Ahead of him, the children of the tourist family run ahead toward a stegosaurus skeleton, they are followed by their parents. There is nobody between them and Clark.

3 CAPTION (Journal): Unfortunately pursuit ended once inside the museum.


Panel 1: It’s the same overcast autumnal afternoon and we are looking at a large establishing shot of Metropolis’s largest burial ground. A sign above the gate reads “BLOODMOOR CEMETERY”. There are trees lining the grounds with red leaves, some of which have fallen to the grass. Past the trees we can see the Hobsneck Bridge looming overhead. In the cemetery there may be mourners or groundskeepers visible, but at the centre of the frame are four figures walking together.

1 KELLEY: …of course, before we send in the photogenic young hosts, we scout the locations to gather the science.

2 LOIS: Right. The science.

3 KELLEY: Oh, I recognize that tone, Ms. Lane.

Panel 2: We move in to see the four figures. Two of them are Lois and Jim, as we saw them when they left the Planet. The other two are Gretchen Kelley and Sydney Happersen. Both are wearing overcoats to protect against the wind. Kelley is a white woman nearing fifty, her light brown hair streaked with grey. She has glasses, a scarf, gloves, and is holding a device that somewhat remembers an PKE Meter from Ghostbusters. Happersen is a white man around forty years old with thick dark hair and a moustache. He also wears glasses and has a clipboard in his hand. Lois is standing between Happersen and Kelley as Kelley speaks. Jim lags behind them taking photos of the cemetery.

4 KELLEY: I can assure you that Phantom Researchers puts real work in. We aim to teach. We’re not like that show that claims to put people in touch with their dead relatives.

5 KELLEY: Mr. Luthor has been very public about his interest in the paranormal and his sincere desire to find proof of its existence and this show adheres to his methods.

6 LOIS: Well, no offence Ms. Kelley, but that show airs on Luthor’s network too.

Panel 3: Kelley forces a smirk as she holds her handheld scanner thing up to show Lois.

7 KELLEY: Well. Yes. It does include a disclaimer stating it is meant as entertainment. And it helps finance Mr. Luthor’s quest. He provides us with equipment like this.

8 KELLEY: Have you heard of infrasound? Sonic waves with frequencies too low for us to hear, but which can cause feelings of unease that can be a cause of reported ghost sightings.

Panel 4: Lois gestures for Jimmy to come closer.

9 KELLEY: That is just one of the perfectly natural things we search for before we suggest any of the paranormal explanations you might mock.

10 LOIS: Well that actually is fairly interesting.

11 LOIS: Jim! Come on over here. Get some pictures of Ms. Kelley using this thing.

Panel 5: Kelley heads off with Jim as Lois turns to Happersen, who is watching Kelley go.

12 JIMMY: That hill would look great.

13 LOIS: -sigh-


Panel 1: As Lois begins to ask him questions, Happersen avoids eye contact. He had not anticipated being an interviewee today.

1 LOIS: So. Mr. Happersen was it? What do you think of this work?

2 HAPPERSEN: I admit that working in television was not my plan in life, but things don’t always go as expected.

3 LOIS: You’re right about that.

Panel 2: Now Happersen visibly perks up and looks directly at Lois. She’s looking off into the distance at nothing in particular.

4 HAPPERSEN: Of course, research is research. Gretchen is quite correct when she says Mr. Luthor is serious about our research.

5 HAPPERSEN: This show may be silly, but it is really a way recouping costs for research that may otherwise prove fruitless.

Panel 3: Kelley holds her scanner in an exaggerated pose next to a large tombstone that lies under a smallish, nearly bare tree on a small hill. Jimmy is snapping pictures of her.

5 LOIS (off panel): And have you ever found anything interesting?

6 HAPPERSEN (off panel): Oh, most definitely!

Panel 4: Happersen smiles slightly as he looks off to the side, remembering something. Lois is rolling her eyes.

7 HAPPERSEN (off panel): Obviously I can’t go into too much detail until we are ready to make our findings public, but this season has already been our most successful yet.


Panel 1: Happersen is smiling fully now. Kelley is walking back toward Lois behind them.

1 LOIS: Successful in what way? You found a ghost?

2 HAPPERSEN: If only it were so uncomplicated.

Panel 2: Kelley, not looking happy, inserts herself between Lois and Happersen and hands him her scanning device.

3 HAPPERSEN: No, no ghosts. But just last week we scouted the Natural History Museum and our sensors picked up a unique kind of radioactive–

4 KELLEY: Sydney, if you could record the numbers that would be extremely helpful.

5 HAPPERSEN: Oh, yes. Of course.

Panel 3: Kelley leads Lois back onto the path that leads to the cemetery gates. Jim and Happersen follow.

6 KELLEY: Now, Ms. Lane, if you think you need more for your piece, you’re welcome to stick around, but it gets pretty dry from this point. A lot of reading numbers.

7 LOIS: Thanks, but I think we’re good. Those urban legends you gave us about the cemetery will play very well, I think. Everything else is just a bonus.

8 LOIS: We should get out of your way and let you get to work.

Panel 4: Lois and Kelley shake hands. Behind them, their respective henchmen are still taking photos and writing on a clipboard.

9 KELLEY: Well, I look forward to your piece. And I hope you check out the show!

10 LOIS: Wouldn’t miss it. Have a great night..

Panel 5: Lois and Jim exit the cemetery via the big fancy gate. Lois is making a dismissive gesture.

11 JIMMY: Well, what’d you think?

12 LOIS: Not great. To hear them tell it, Luthor really does believe this stuff.

13 LOIS: I may not be able to call him a liar after all.

14 JIMMY: Ah, it’s okay. I’ve read your notes and you have some much better words tucked in there.


Panel 1: Back in the cemetery, Kelley is yelling at Happersen, who is looking down to avoid her gaze.

1 KELLEY: Are you an idiot?

2 KELLEY: Are you a simpering moron?

Panel 2: Same shot. Happersen still avoids eye contact as he replies.

3 HAPPERSEN: I didn’t say-

4 KELLEY: I heard you! You mentioned the Museum! You were seconds away from telling her about the stone!

5 KELLEY: On the very night our people are taking it!

Panel 3: Same shot. Kelley grabs the lapel of Happersen’s coat.

6 HAPPERSEN: She won’t remember. She clearly didn’t care about anything we-

7 KELLEY: That was literally the worst thing you could have said to her!

8 KELLEY: You have to fix this.

Panel 4: Close on Happersen as he hangs his head in shame.


10 HAPPERSEN: I’ll call Winslow.


Panel 1: We’re back at Cheltham Park and so is Clark. He’s sitting on a rock wall facing the W-LEX Building and the camera is behind him, looking over his shoulder. There is not much to see. Traffic is light, both road and foot.

1 CAPTION (Journal): Lacking a lead, returned to W-LEX to watch comings and goings of other people.

2 CAPTION (Journal): Distorted individual did not return. No other noteworthy individuals sighted.

Panel 2: The camera spins so we’re looking at Clark head-on. He is lowering his sunglasses as he gazes across the street.

3 CAPTION (Journal): Began considering that occurrence of distorted individual could have been coincidental.

4 CAPTION (Journal): City this size likely to have some amount of anomalies, after all.

Panel 3: The same shot, but now Clark’s gaze shifts upward.

Panel 4: Clark stands and crosses the street toward the side of building. He is looking up at a shadow that seems to be floating next to the building in a way that doesn’t make sense.

5 CAPTION (Journal): As doubt began, I let myself get distracted and looked up at what I had previously thought to be birds.

Panel 5: We now see the shadow clearly. It’s a three-dimensional form, but it’s still a shadow. A humanoid shadow with fiery glowing red eyes, exactly like those from Clark’s dreams. It hovers in the air next to Lex Tower. It seems to take no notice of the human looking up at it.


Panel 1: Low angle shot from behind Clark as he watches the shadow soar off into the sky. Now we can see that there are other shadows around the building further up in the sky as well. A half dozen of them, moving every which way.

Panel 2: We’re looking at Clark. He exhales sharply as he reaches into his pocket.

Panel 3: Clark speaks into his phone with an wry smile.

1 CLARK: White? This is Kent. I’ll help your people.

2 TITLE: Lost Soul of Krypton: Chapter One

3 TITLE: The City Is Haunted