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The Thursday Politics Thread Didn’t Help At Normandy

Morning Politocadoes!

The President doubled down on his betrayal of our allies in the fight against Isis, th Kurdish people, writing them off as not ‘helping us at Normandy’ or in our fight for independence. This line of reasoning is craven, absurd and compounds the betrayal far beyond this president’s time in power. Despite backpedaling from the Department of Defense and our Very Stable President, Turkey is continuing with their operation in Northern Syria. Among the first casualties are reported to be civilians.

This whole affair even got the Republicans to rebuke him. Hard to believe I know. Though I honestly think that if he just came out and said, ‘Listen I’m abandoning the Kurds for fun and profit at Trump Towers Istanbul’ the Republicans probably would’ve stood up and applauded his objectivist virtues but whatever. Every little thing counts as we barrel into the Worst Year Ever.

This all leads to the question of precisely why the President betrayed the Kurds. The Trump Organization paid $10 million to put its name on two towers now known as Trump Towers Istanbul in 2012.

“I have a little conflict of interest because I have a major, major building in Istanbul,” Trump said in 2015. “It’s a tremendously successful job. It’s called Trump Towers — two towers, instead of one, not the usual one, it’s two,” Trump said in an interview with Stephen Bannon, then chairman of Breitbart News.


So, continuing business conflicts with Istanbul that may be causing his fawning sort of relationship Turkish President Erdogan, sure. But is there anything especially treason-y? That might perhaps involved a former Secretary of State, disgraced NSA Director Mike Flynn and an addled former Mayor of New York? Oh come now, that’s ridiculous. How could that possibly be–

Recall that in 2017, Zarrab flipped for the federal government and was willing to testify against his co-conspirators in an Iranian-Turkish gold for gas oil-type money laundering scheme.  He may have also had information on Flynn’s ties to President Erdogan which may have ultimately helped put Flynn where he is right now.



But what else is important is that while Giuliani served as his lawyer,  Trump fired Preet Bharara, the man who indicted Zarrab in the first place, and also according to the new reporting from Bloomberg, pressured Rex Tillerson to put some pressure on the DOJ for Giuliani’s Turkish client.

So, all in all, the Kurds were betrayed for utterly heartless, transactional reasons. The President has business interests in Turkey, his lawyer has some money laundering done there, and his former NSA adviser was on the payroll for Turkey as an unregistered foreign agent, it goes on and on.

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