The Thursday Politics Thread Looks At This Photograph


Very well, where do we even begin?

So, the President, in his attempts to defend himself from his own imminent impeachment, tweeted a picture of Joe Biden to show that he was justified in extorting a foreign country. The thing that he says is fake and made-up and that Adam Schiff should resign from Congress for making up, that he yells about in a meeting with the President of Finland. He purposefully involved his VIce President and his Chief of Staff in this scandal, so Pence is caught up in it too. Rudy Giuliani has been getting counseled on handling this Ukraine scandal from Paul “I HEART CRIMES” Manafort who is in PRISON. Rudy Giuliani has apparently been forging White House stationary in his attempt to sow disinformation. Why is it that the most egregious thing, to me and many, is that Trump referenced goddamn Nickelback?


Like, I’m under no illusions here. He’s not referencing them directly, I’m of the firm belief that the President does not, in fact, listen to any music and never has. Doing so might have kindled some sort of empathy in his barely beating heart.

Perhaps it’s this little poll up from Fox News.

I do think that for people of a certain age, we all just tolerated the existence of Nickelback. They were there in the back of our minds slowly ‘hunger-dunger-danging’ their way to another chart topper, assuming everyone else just kind of put up with them. Then one day,  you woke up and you realize that they actually have fans. That not everyone *just* tolerates them or filters them through an ironic lens, or just straight-up hates them. No, there are true believers. There are Nickelback fans and there are Donald Trump fans. And sometimes, they can be the same two things.

In the midst of the screaming rants in front of the President of FInland, the red-faced bleating about the spies and thieves threatening to bring down his administration, it’s this that breaks me. That the two things I would really be better off if no one ever reminded me existed, Trump and Nickelback, can be brought together in a single tweet.

It’s this, all this, it’s…well, it’s Jeremy Bearimy.

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