Weekly Who #11 is Monstrous

It is the first day of Halloween! To celebrate I want to run down a list of my favorite underrated monsters and foes from Doctor Who’s 50+ year history! This list is unranked.

  • Ice Warriors: Probably the least underrated on my list. I still can’t resist giving a shoutout to the Beefy Lizards who live on Mars in their giant suits of armor. Also, the way they sssssay their ssssss sounds is amazing. Standout Episodes: Tv: Cold War, Tv: The Ice Warriors.

Ice Warrior

  • Raston Warrior Robot: Produced by the Raston Hardware Company the Rasaton Warrior Robot is designed for one thing; Killing. And it kills like an absolute champion. Able to detect pretty much all motion and move at speeds it may as well be teleporting The RWR is essentially unbeatable by any foe (not even a platoon of Cybermen or Sontarans can withstand an assault by just one Robot.) Ammo capacity and damage are also of no concern as the RWR has all it needs to both repair and rearm itself whenever needed! Standout appearances: Tv: The Five Doctors, Audio: Time In Office Raston_Warrior_Robot
  • The …ish and The Hush: These two foes are alike in one very important way, they are both sound-based. The …ish is part of one of the oldest (if not the first) word to ever exist. As a result, it tends to have a viral effect on those who accidentally hear it (as the Lexicographers at the Galaxy’s largest convention of Lexicographers discovered.) The Hush on, the other hand, is a superweapon designed by The Timelords to attack and destroy anything that makes noise. (Chiefly The Daleks as they never shut up) after the Time War, the Tenth Doctor tracked it down to a pirate radio station in England where he sought to contain it. Standout Appearances: The …ish is from Audio: …ish, The Hush comes from Audio Book: Dead Air.


  • The Macra: There are no such things as The Macra. There is also no story called The Macra Terror. This author has no idea what she was talking about

This is my list of underrated Doctor Who Villains and Monsters. Sound off about your favorites in the comments below!