Dad’s Casa S2E01- Dad’s BBQsa

Dad’s BBQasa” is the first episode of the 2nd Season of the USAmerican television situation comedy Dad’s Casa. The plot centers on Dad’s annual neighborhood BBQ party. The popularity of this episode led the producers to have a BBQ episode each season.



Dad wakes up, walks over to the open bedroom window and exclaims: “It’s BBQsa time again!”. Carmella says sleepily, “I’ll take the kids to the mall.” Dad walks into the kitchen where Horatio, wearing a ‘I Luv BBQsa’ bib, is sitting staring at the dinner plate in front of him. “Horatio!”. Horatio bangs his knee on the table and looks guilty. Dad chuckles. “What are you doing? BBQsa isn’t for hours!” “I wanted to be first this time.” Dad pauses and then says: “You can help-” Horatio gets up and runs offs “-me set up”. There’s a montage of Dad preparing for the BBQsa. He visits the butcher, the baker, the green grocer, the liquor store, and a supermarket. The montage continues with Dad marinading, chopping, slicing and such, various food items while drinking beer. After the montage, Dad is in the backyard, setting up the barbecues. Every now and then, Horatio pops his head over the fence. Barbecues set up, Dad heads in to get the appetizers and drinks ready and to see if his family is back yet. Dad starts panicking when he can’t find his favorite spatula. He has other spatulas but he believes the burgers taste better when he uses his favorite one. “Honey, I’m going over to Horatio’s. I think he took my favorite spatula.” Yes, dear”, replies Carmella as she enters the kitchen. Dad storms into Horatio’s house and finding it empty, heads out to the backyard. Horatio is at the fence muttering: “Oh boy, oh boy, it’s almost time.” Dad walks up to Horatio and taps him on the right shoulder. “Ackk”, yelps Horatio. Dad chuckles. “Did you take my spatula?”, demands Dad. Horatio, fear coming into his eyes: “No, no, no, why would I do that, you wouldn’t be able to make the burgers, the sweet delicious burgers that I-” “Ok, ok, Horatio, calm down.” Dad figures that Nappy was the thief. Thinking quickly, Dad tells Horatio he can come over now. Dad wanted to distract Horatio because he didn’t need their nonsense right now. Walking up Nappy’s driveway, Dad sees that Nappy has put in a moat and a drawbridge. Dad rolls his eyes. Nappy is seen grinning in the window and waving the spatula. Dad takes a deep breath and returns home. In his garage, Dad says to himself: “Where, where did I, oh, there it is”. Dad takes out his old college pole-vaulting pole and heads back. While not as far or as high a jumper as he was in college, Dad makes it across the moat easily and storms inside. Nappy panics and runs and hides in his wine cellar muttering: “Merde, merde, merde! I should have made a contingency plan”. Dad retrieves his spatula, lets down the drawbridge and returns home. The BBQsa was quickly underway. Dad, Carmella, the kids, the Smiths, the Knights, the Lees, the Patels, and Horatio all enjoyed themselves. Horatio enjoyed himself too much, of course, and went to lie down in the spare bedroom.