Best Video Game of All Time, Finals!

This is it, the definitive answer to what is the greatest video game of all time (as decided by an Avocado popularity contest).

In this corner, we have


  • One of the most universally beloved games of all time
  • The most popular example of the action puzzle genre
  • Features our previously chosen Best Video Game Character, GLaDOS
  • Speaking of which, there is a non-zero chance GLaDOS will fill your home with neurotoxin if you don’t vote for her game
  • “Still Alive” and other memes from the game were massively overused at the time of release, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s probably one of the funniest games there is

In the other corner, we have

Super Mario Bros. 3

  • A refinement of the 2D platformer genre popularized by Super Mario Bros.
  • Widely considered to be a masterpiece of level design
  • Bursting with nostalgic goodness
  • Allowed Mario to be a furry for the very first time
  • Seriously, if you haven’t played this one, you should. It still absolutely holds up.