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The Thursday Politics Thread Releases *A* Transcript

Morning Politocadoes!

Boy, what a year its the been these past few days. The Whistleblower scandal has been with us in some form for less than two weeks and it somehow keeps getting worse for the Crime President and coterie of criminal accomplices. At first, the White House was shifting the blame to Rudy Giuliani. Then, Trump, in perhaps a severely misguided attempt to always be at the center of attention, admitted to asking the Ukrainian President on camera. He then told reporters that they should start asking Mike Pence, his Vice President, about this because ‘he had a couple conversations’.

What’s that I hear? Hm, sounds like something backing up. Must be a bus nearby.

But it gets even worse. Because it can only get worse with these chuckleheads. First, an aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zeltensky said that discussion of investigating Biden was a prerequisite to speaking with Trump. Second, pressured to release something, anything regarding the Whistleblower complaint, the White House issued a transcript of the call. Or a summary of the call. You know what, it’s probably fair to say that its a cleaned up version what happened on the phone call? Basically, in the ‘transcript’ Trump asked Zelensky to meet with not only Rudy Giuliani but also Attorney General William Barr. Barr, whose Justice Department would decide that the Whistleblower would not enjoy the protections of the regulations we have in place.

Sure does look like Barr needs to recuse himself. Will he?


Finally, as of the wee hours of this morning, the Whistleblower Complaint also alleges a pattern of obfuscation in which White House officials moved some of Trump’s communications with foreign leaders onto a separate computer network different where they are normally stored.

To which, all I can ask is whether this is better than worse than having a private e-mail server.

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