Marble Rally 2019: Race #1

The 2019 Marble Rally is finally here! Viewers are used to watching these round racers compete in tournaments where teamwork and sportsmanship play important roles. Not so for the Marble Rally, a solo event that is anything but good, clean fun. These smooth spheres are roughing things up in the sand. Contrary to what Anakin Skywalker believes, coarseness and irritation are to be embraced.

Speaking of everyone’s favourite former Jedi, the Marble Rally is just as dangerous as pod racing, if not more. Several marbles get booted out of the track, resulting in 7 failures to finish. In the end, Crazy Cat’s Eye, Blizzard Blaster, and Quicksilver manage to make it to the end of the track, nabbing the top 3 spots. Mere seconds later, Super Ball and fan favourite Red Number 3 nab fourth and fifth, with the latter having mounted a daring series of come-from-behind maneuvers to go from the back of the pack to the front.

Complete stats for the Marble League Showdown can be found at the Marble League Wiki.