Dad’s Casa S4E05- The Bottle Episode

The Bottle Episode” is the fifth episode of the 4th Season of the USAmerican television situation comedy Dad’s Casa. The plot centers on Dad and Horatio being stuck in the Casa because the Casa is inside a giant bottle. The title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the episode is a bottle episode.


Dad wakes up and walks over to his bedroom window like usual. Instead of the normal view, a giant glass wall is facing him. Dad blinks and rubs his eyes but it’s still there. He opens the window and looking up, sees the wall curve inward and taper. He goes downstairs and opens the front door but there’s a glass wall there too. “I’m not awake enough for whatever this is”, Dad mutters and heads to the kitchen. While waiting for the coffee to percolate, Dad listens to the TV- “Congress again fails to pass-“. “Lousy Congress”. Dad breathes in the steam from his first cup and sighs. Several sips later, Horatio (with chocolate cake smudged on his face and shirt front), stumbles into the kitchen. A quick flashback shows Horatio sneaking into the house in the middle of the night, taking the rest of the chocolate cake (which he’d been denied at the party), eating it furiously and then passing out in the spare bedroom.  Dad and Horatio look at each other for a moment and then Dad shouts: “Horatio!”. Horatio panics and runs out the backdoor and smack into the glass wall. Dad walks over and chuckles at Horatio’s misfortune. “Heyyyy, this your fault Horatio”. “Wuhh” “You got us stuck inside a giant glass bottle”. “Wuhh”. Dad leaves and returns with a glass of water which he throws at Horatio’s face.  “How, how could it be my fault?” “I dunno, but I’m sure it is”. The camera zooms in on Dad’s squinty eyes. Dad makes Horatio, run at, punch, and kick the wall. He fails hilariously each time. Dad then makes Horatio try to cut and drill the wall. Finally, Dad makes Horatio try to melt the wall but all he accomplishes is burning off half his eyebrows. In the next scene, Dad and Horatio are sitting in the living room and Dad is drinking beer. A sound like a person walking into a glass wall can be heard and then the sound of cursing. Dad and Horatio go to the open front door and see the mailman getting up, rubbing his face and left knee. “Hey what’s the deal?” asked the mailman. Dad and Horatio grin and shrug their shoulders and go back inside. Dad continues drinking. The camera switches to outside where Nappy is seen sneaking up to the house and smacking into the wall. “Sacre bleu, what is this?” Both grin. Nappy asks grinning: “What happened to your eyebrows?” Horatio: “Nothing, I…ate the rest of the cake”, Horatio mocks his archenemy. Dad smacks Horatio in the head. Nappy snickers and weasels away. Dad gets progressively drunk and passes out on the sofa. Dad wakes up in bed and walks over to his bedroom window like usual, and then goes downstairs to make coffee. While waiting for the coffee to percolate, Dad listens to the TV- “Congress again fails to pass-“. “Lousy Congre-hey wait a minute”. Dad rushes out the back door and breathes a sigh of relief . “Just a dream”, he says to himself and then hurries back in, slams open the door to the spare bedroom and yells “Horatio!”. Horatio (with chocolate cake smudged on his face and shirt front) wakes up in a panic and runs smack into a wall. Dad chuckles and returns to the kitchen.