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The Thursday Politics Thread Makes A Promise

Morning Politocadoes!

Congress is currently in a tense battle with the acting Director of National Intelligence whom has refused to share certain details of a whistleblower’s account of Trump’s discussion with a foreign leader. Why?

Well, let’s set the mood

See, the whistleblower in question was so concerned because a specific promise  was made by the President to a “certain foreign leader”. It was so alarming in fact that a formal complaint was lodged. The Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atchison agreed with the assessment calling it “both credible and urgent”. The complain was lodged on August 12 and White House records indicated that he had interactions with at least five foreign leaders in as many weeks. The acting DNI has refused to share any details raising concerns that he is improperly protecting the President. Atchison is scheduled to appear today before the House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors where perhaps the Promise can be revealed, or perhaps the “certain foreign leader”.

I wonder who it could be? OOh let’s play Mystery Date!

giphy (2).gif

Among the communications were: a phone call with Dear Uncle Vlad

giphy (1).gif

Two “beautiful messages” from Kim Jong Un.

                                     giphy (3).gif

Trump had apparently promised that the CIA would not attempt to recuit his half-brother. Could this be The Promise?

And there were also conversations with the Prime Ministers of Pakistan, the Netherlands and the Emir of Qatar. Qatar is also a likely candidate for Trump making an alarming promise.

Trump’s communications with foreign leader are part of whistleblower complaint that spurred standoff between spy chief and Congress, former officials say

So who’s the Dud and who’s the Stud? Hopefully Chairman Schiff will let us know.

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