Avocado Week 3 Fantasy Football

What a week that sure was. We have an absurd amount of upside down parody in this league right now, with ten teams being either 2-0 or 0-2, which has to set some kind of bizarre record. Multiple teams are losing their QBs galore this week (rip Cam Newton’s shoulder/foot or whatever else for me personally), and the Dolphins have precisely zero playable guys each week. What a fun time. Enjoy the game of the week reflection up there. Now, onto the standings/match-ups from last week…

Week 2 results.PNG

Week 3 standings.PNG

Allison is in first, Dan is undefeated, Jon and I are laughably bad, what a terrible world we live in. 75.92 fucking points, what year is this 1980? God. Oh uh I’m not upset, nope not at all. At least the one new person got their first loss this week, take that Blazer. Anyways, enough reflecting on how shitty Jon and I are, here are this week’s matchups:

Week 3 schedule.PNG

At least one of the 2-0 teams and one of the 0-2 teams will have to win/lose this week. There must be some justice in the world. Frankly I do look forward to the reign of Allison/Dan to continue, and for me to set new standards of ineptitude with like 33 points when Marcus Mariota collapses into a goo. Good luck to everybody this week! (And to all others not in this league, feel free to post below about your own league or ask for advice)