Weekly Who #9 Ships Anywhere and Anywhen

Shipping or Relastionshipping is the fandom act of wishing two (or more!) Characters are in a (usually) romantic relationship with each other. The practice was invented depending on the source either by Sherlock Holmes fans wishing to see Watson just kiss the man already! Or by Trekkies fighting over whether Bones or Spock truly deserved Kirk’s heart. Doctor Who with its fandom of 50+ years is no stranger to shipping. That’s why today’s thread is devoted to talking about the fleet of ships this franchise has lost. (Feel free to talk about shipping vis a vis Doctor Who in the abstract too) To kick things off I’m going to talk about my ships!

  • Second Doctor/Jamie: If you couldn’t tell from the header image I think 2 and Jamie spent most of their time on the TARDIS together in a very affectionate relationship together. If you want more proof I show you this iconic moment from Tomb Of The Cybermen.
  • Eighth Doctor/Fitz: From the Eighth Doctor Adventure novels comes the second companion from the line. Fitz is a laid back campy snarky wannabe rock star who is (even if 8 won’t admit it) totally dating the Doctor. The two spend so much time together (Fitz may be the longest serving companion if measured by in universe time) that other characters point out that they act like a married couple.
  • Eighth Doctor/Charlie Pollard: From The Eighth Doctor audios Charlotte Pollard is an Edwardian adventuress who joins 8’s TARDIS after he saves her from a doomed derigible.
  • 12th Doctor/River Song: It’s a crying shame these two only got one adventure together because they are magical on screen together.

Those are my ships. Who do you ship? Do you ship things? Let’s find out!